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Need advice in my new sim build

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  • Need advice in my new sim build

    Ok so my theater room is 18x13x9. The walls go up to 9’ and the ceiling is vaulted up to 10’.

    I am considering a 9x12x5 Carl’s enclosure.

    1. How far away do I have to mount a short throw projector on the ceiling?

    2. How close to the screen can I hit balls for a SkyTrak?

    I am worried about pop ups hitting the projector and/or ceiling.

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    1-It all depends on the projector and the image size you want to project. That dictates where it gets mounted.
    2-You can hit as close as you want, skytrak takes pictures within the first foot or so of flight.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      I’ve seen the Optoma EH200ST all over the forum so I am considering that one. It is a .5/1 ratio so using this equation:

      Throw ratio x width = throw distance
      .5 x 12 = 6 feet

      So if I center the lens with the screen 6 feet away on the ceiling then I should not have any issues hitting the projector with a club or ball if I am hitting from 7-8 feet away, correct. Please correct me if I am wrong with any of my calculations or assumptions.


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        Use projector central, it's a good start to tell you where to mount the projector based on image size you want. Also, if you mount the projector inline with your target line, you are not going to hit it with a club. However, you could hit it with a ball if it's in front of you due to skied driver/wood or wedge shots. So it is a good idea to protect it if you can. You can use a wire box or similar as a cheap solution for protection.


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          Thanks wbond. That website is exactly what I need. The projector reds to be 8 feet away and 17 inches above the top of the screen. Is there wiggle room with those numbers or do I need to plan for those numbers? I’m asking bc I have 12 inches above the screen so if I have it perched only 12 inches instead of 17 will the projector have the adjustability to accommodate? Thanks again!!


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            Usually you will need to follow these pretty closely. If it says 17" above it needs to be that since that is where the image will start. Projector is not going to accomodate that. Keep in mind, it will be more since you will lose height due to the mounting.


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              I really appreciate the knowledge! Thanks a lot!


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                How about the other way around? If the projector requires -17 inches of vertical offset can I increase the offset to, say, -20 inches?? (I’m asking because I’m looking at other models that require only -3 inches of vertical but I was wondering if I could raise the projector higher in order create more clearance for swinging a club.


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                  The image is going to start wherever it's dictated by that model. If you move the projector up or down, the projected image is going to do the same, so going three more inches up is going to raise the bottom of the projected image 3 more inches off the ground.