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New build and cold garage setup

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  • New build and cold garage setup

    Hey all,
    I'm building a sim this winter in my garage. I'm in NY and it gets pretty cold. What is the tolerance of the Simulator equipment to be left out there in the cold. Normal temps get down to 20's usually but there are times that it drops to single digits outside so not much warmer in the garage. What will not survive a normal 25 degree garage? I figure the CPU has to come in but what about the projector? I'm going to be using a GC2, that I can bring in easily. if the camera should come in that will possibly change the mounting style or go on the floor with it.
    thanks for the feedback

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    Im in central NJ. my setup is on the second floor of my barn (only heated by wood stove when im out there). Projector, PC, TV, cable all function perfectly normal even in single digits. Personally I bring in the skytrak unit but would imagine it would function normally as well. Just my experience. Good Luck


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      In southern Ontario. I have an insulated garage with a heater. Use heater when playing and turn off when not playing. I bring in all of the equipment ( laptop, gc2 and projector) when finished playing. Mount for the projector allows for quick connect and disconnect


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        I’m in Michigan and have a garage setup. My projector has been out there for years with no problem so far. My computer is in the house and wires run through a wall to the garage. My gc2 comes inside when not in use.


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          I don’t think you have to worry about your computer and LM in the cold. It’s the hot weather that’s not good for electronics.


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            My GC2, computer and projector stay in the garage all year round. In the winter the garage may get to high 20's, in the summer mid to high 80's. All the equipment works fine in that environment. The only thing that may initially not work as well is if you have an LCD display as in the GC2. When cold they tend to wash out. As soon as you turn the devices on they warm up due to internal generated heat.

            In short don't waste your time moving stuff in and out of the house. The net result of all that may be you screw up the connectors from all the plugging and unplugging. Remember the connectors in Harry homeowner equipment are not designed for continual connecting and disconnecting..


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              I live in Chicago and leave all my stuff in the garage and the setup is year 3 old. My main concern was always the bulb of the projector but has had no issues. Skytrak doesn't seem to need any warm up.

              The longest part to warm up for winter sim golf has been me.


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                In Canada, I have a number of computers, monitors, projectors pinball machines and 2 buck hunter machine in the garage can get to -20f at times. LCD monitors will turn on but take about 5 min to warm up.


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                  Thanks everyone, I feel better about leaving some equipment out there...