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Simulator recommendations for playing with family in different continents

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  • Simulator recommendations for playing with family in different continents

    Hi there, I recently had the delight of trying a golf simulator. Needless to say I have finally gotten back into golf after 10 years. I am currently living in the US and cannot travel to visit family in Europe due to Covid. I wanted to set up a simulator to play virtual golf with a father. Do you guys have a recommendation of a golf simulator to improve our game and allow us to play together but not cost an arm and a leg? It also needs to be moveable since he will be moving home in a few years.

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    I think your choice will need to be compatible with either e6 Connect or The Golf Club. Both are good options and which are open to a few different platforms at different price ranges. Some of the lower priced units that you could consider are Skytrack, Flightscope Mevo+, Uneekor. There are other options as well and you could also consider used units from Foresight that may get you in price range a little. Each has their pros and cons and suggest reading up on each and asking more questions here. Good luck with everything.


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      If budget is a consideration (and it sounds like it is), a Skytrak or Mevo+ with TGC2019 is the way to go. TGC2019 includes online play so the two of you can play head to head in real-time and even see each other's shots on your own screen. Plus there is a huge community of online tournaments so the two of you could enter the same tournament and play together not only against each other but against a field of other players as well.

      e6 has online play as well but it's quite a bit extra money to have that included for that platform.

      Both the Skytrak and Mevo+ are easily moveable. The hardest part will be moving nets and hitting mats and other bigger and heavier items. If he is moving in a few years, it may be wise for him to just throw together a temporary setup for now so that when he moves he can just leave most of it behind and then when he gets settled in his new home he could build out a more upgraded setup.