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SkyTrak or Mevo+ better for 6-year old?

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  • SkyTrak or Mevo+ better for 6-year old?

    I have both the SkyTrak and the Mevo+. Both units struggle to pick up shots from my daughter, who is 6 and just learning. Does anyone have experience with a young child and sims and can you recommend which LM would work best? If not SkyTrak or Mevo, which others?


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    I am sure both will be fine. It is which one will get them engaged and having fun (ie the software) as both will give you what they need now for practice. The one reason I avoided camera based systems was because I was scared of them getting hit with bad shots. From some of the hits I have seen, this would have happened. Also, kids like to run around a bit from what I have seen and this would have been a big problem for me as well. The negative on the radar is that when they are both in the sim I have to keep moving one of them as they forget not to be in the way of the radar. Whether it is a foot or something they never remember. Also, I wanted to accommodate both left and right easily as I did not know whiche they might be.


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      My daughter definitely has the potential to smack the SkyTrak, that's why I have kept her away from it. However, the Mevo often will not pick up her shots since they travel a few yards at best with her 9-iron. The driver is slightly better. Anyone have tips on how to help the LM track their shots better?

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    Put the Mevo+ closer to the ball. Try 5 or 6 feet to the ball and it will read just fine. I have a 10 and 12 year old and this was the trick that worked for them.


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      I would agree, there is likely a spot where your unit will pick up these shorter shots better than others. This could help mom picking up those short shots.

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    Thanks for these tips! I'll give it a try.