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General Simulator information

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  • General Simulator information

    Here are some good links to read on genearl simulator info.
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    As well here is a link from GSA on simulator technology review:
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      Some information for newbies. There has been a union of true simulator systems and launch monitors to allow for golf simulation and game play. Traditionally launch monitors have been used to allow for teaching and club fitting, however they are also used now for golf simulation.

      Simulator requires several important things including 1. Sensor system 2. Software 3. Computer 4. Projector 5. Impact screen or net 6. Stance mat. and 7. Some type of an enclosure system or dedicated room.

      Sensor systems: Very important! Many different types including:

      a. Infrared and optic sensors - These are accurate and cheap but require some setup. Include reflective (P3Proswing, Optishot and Unex) as well as shadow (Protee, Trugolf, GSA, Holiday Golf, Bravogolf, Golfblaster 3D). Shadow requires overhead halogen lights and more setup but are more accurate.

      b. Camera based - Allow for accurate ball and club measurement. Not all camera systems use high speed photography to freeze the club or ball in time. Excellent for indoor usage. Systems include Protee, Sportscoach, Visualsports, Golftron, Foregolf, Bogolf, Optigolf and GSA. Systems that measure true spin include Foresight GC2, Accusport Vector, About Golf and HD golf. Others are around the corner being developed.

      c. Radar based - Excellent for outdoor use but challenged indoors. Indoors requires longer ball flight and have challanges in chipping and putting. Include Trackman and Flightscope. and

      d. Sonar - Trugolf uses accoustic triangulation to measure ball flight.

      e. Laser - Laser based unit. Estimates spin data.

      2. Software - Most simulators will have a proprietery software interface to run the system. It also will include a course and range software. Included here is Red Chain (Protee, GSA, Foresight etc), E6 (Trugolf, FullSwing, Protee) soon there will be an E6-2, GPS (Sportscoach, Foregolf), Simway (Optishot and Golfacheiver). Some sims have proprietery software such as About Golf and HD golf. New software such as Perfect Parallel is set to be launched any time soon.

      3. Computer - Very good graphics card. See computer requirements for Protee, or go here for Zmax's Protee computer build.

      4. Projector - Many options. See Projector central for reviews and mounting calculations.

      5. Impact Screens: Protee comes with a very nice, high quality double screen, which basically doubles it life by turning it around. You can also purchase impact screens from Cory at

      6. Stance mats - Popular mats include Truestrike, Fiberbuilt, Divot Action Mat, Real Feel Golf Mats and Country Club Elite
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        Excellent info for new guys starting out. Should answer a lot of questions.


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          Great info. At some point we could also put down other equipment / setup info. Tees. Practice balls vs. real balls. Etc.


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            Here is a nice read


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              Another good read.
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                very cool read
                GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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                  Yes, a good quick rundown. The graphics for the Full Swing look really good. Looks like the Links courses.


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                    So if you have 2000usd or 1000usd what can you get?

                    Handy to see a list with approx retail cost

                    I know only Dancin Dogg and Unex at this point both around 600usd i believe


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                      You can p3proswing($600)and GolfAchiever($1800) to that list.


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                        Hi all,
                        looking to purchase a home system, sports coach or swing track (without club cam), very similar projectors, the systems look close, anyone use both n have any thoughts?