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X3 Basement SIM Setup

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  • X3 Basement SIM Setup

    Well finally got started on a set up for my basement simulator. I need the space to be dual purpose unfortunately as I don’t have room for dedicated. I purchased an X3 back in October and I’m getting anxious to use it. Impact screen got delivered on Friday and I set to figure out a way to make a manual roll up screen. $25 later plus the screen and net and I’m on my way. It’s a pretty basic set up but I am hoping it will work for now. If it does work I’ll turn the system into a motorized roll up system. For now I am dual purposing my home theatre projector so I don’t get to fill the screen. It is still bigger than a tv mounted to the side so I’m happy with that. Screen size is about 96 x 42. Once I can afford a short throw projector that will handle offset I’ll get one to fill the screen. I’ll have to move my sub and center channel when I want to play but that’s no biggy. Probably set up to have my sub at back so only have to move center channel. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have some mounts set up on side walls so I can use tarp clips and some bungee straps to give the screen and net a little more tension. When the safe route and mounted the impact screen 2’ our from the wall so I should be safe. I’ll post some more once I have it working. Let me know what you think!

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    When you have time can you share how you made that roll up bar?


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      How I made it was pretty easy. I called the local RV dealership and asked if they had any old awning tube that had a wrecked end or something they would be interested in seeking for a reasonable price. They said they actually had a piece they were just cleared by warranty to throw out and I could have it. Must have been the motor or something that was buggered because the tube was like new and 16’ long. I cut it down to 12’ to fit into my space. Then I took two 3” ABS caps as they fit over the end perfectly snug. I center drilled a hole in both of the caps to have a 3/4” bolt stick through. On one side I cut the head of the bolt and used two nuts (1 on each side of cap) to hold the bolt tight and straight. On the other side I drilled three holes in a small piece of flat bar that fit inside the cap. One hole was 3/4 for the bolt to go through and the other two were for 3/8 bolts to go through. I had a welder so I tacked the bolts to the flat bar. I then stuck them through the abs cap tightened the 3/8 bolts and out the cap on the awning tub on the other end. Once the caps were on I used 3 screws to hold each cap on the awning tube. Then I had two pieces of 1/4” x 3 x 10” long flat steel. I drilled a 3/4” hole in each on for the bolts to go through and spin. I bolted both pieces to the floor joists and inserted the awning tube bolts in each one. I need to build a little crank handle and something to ad resistance when unspooling but it works great. Only thing is I need a step stool to get up to roll it up. Once I have time I am going to retro fit a windshield washer motor on the one end and make it electric. This rambling probably makes no sense at all so I will try take some pictures of the ends so you can see. It’s very very simple and basic but it seems to work. I had the raw screen sewn at the top to make it 3 thick and the I riveted it to the aw I g tube every 6”. On the side walls I ran a 2x4 from the floor to ceiling on each side (I only screwed it to the wall at the top and bottom). I then put eyelets into the 2x4 at 6” from the ground and at 4’ on each side. I used trap clips and the ball bungees to give it some tension. I have hit over 300 balls into it tonight and it seems to be working well. The screen I used is raw material that I ordered direct from the factory through a contact of mine. It seems to be working good. I had to make a minimum order so I have about 50’ left over if anyone is interested. Probably need about $18 a foot or so. Would have to figure it out. I’ll try get some close up pics of the tube and setup now that it’s on use. Hope this is some help but feel like it probably just muddied the water!