TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @beau lester (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - The Northern Trust !

Join this weeks TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - BMW Championship with 2 rounds at TPC @ Boston (Pro Tee) :
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Budget build in shop is complete

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  • Budget build in shop is complete

    Thanks in large part to this forum, we’ve put the finishing touches on the sim build in our shop. The screen is a Carl’s Preferred 9’ x 12’ that we set up using the fittings available on the Carl’s site. The 2’ depth provides access in back to the shelves we had to relocate to get the necessary width. The sloped ceiling is 9’ on the right and around 12’ on the left, making the available height in the tee area around 10.5 ft. The tee is a little short of 12’ from the screen and the short-throw projector is approx. 7.5’ from the screen. We’re using a new Dell gaming computer to take advantage of the corporate discount from work. The hitting mats are two of the Rawhide mats side by side. The room divider blackout curtains were purchased through Amazon. We may add padding to the post at left or behind the curtains to the right but so far it hasn’t been an issue. I should also mention that we mounted the netting we originally used to try out the SkyTrak on the ceiling in front of the projector. It does a great job catching high chip shots.

    Thank you again to all who have offered advice!

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    Congrats. Looks great! See ya'll on tour.


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      Looks awesome! How are you liking the Rawhide mats?


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        Thanks for the encouragement. We like the Rawhide mats and the owner was great to work with when we had to make an emergency trip and needed to delay shipment since we wouldn’t be in town. My only disappointment was that they were still super dusty even after their reconditioning process.