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Best mat for accurate shot feedback

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  • Best mat for accurate shot feedback

    I cant decide between the cce, fiberbuilt, and truestrike mat. Which mat do you prefer and which one would provide the most accurate shot feedback. I like the fiberbuilt but I dont want to feel like im hitting out of the 1st or 2nd cut everytime. I also dont want to get injured since I'll most likely be hitting 50-100 shots a day.

    I'm interested to see what other people are doing

    Has anyone thought about placing a gel insert inside the cce mat in a recessed cutout, possibly in the foam or whatever?

    Just ideas... I'm also new to the sim world but slowly building my setup.

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    I had been using the big 6'x10' mat that came with the Net Return Pro. This was laid over carpet. However, as the two hitting areas I used wore out, I cut a hole in it to accommodate a CCE insert and have really liked that. It feels good, and seems incredibly durable. I don't have any issues with my wrists since installing that, and think that may be in part because it's over carpet and not over a hard surface.

    Good luck with your sim - it's a lot of fun, but sometimes makes it hard to play a real golf course (the 45-60 minute 18-hole rounds are awfully nice)!


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      Whats more important, avoiding injury or feeling like hitting out of the first cut? If you're going to hit a lot of balls, why risk it, just go with the fiberbuilt.


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        I bought the Tartan GT Plus mat. It was recommended to me by Foresight golf. I really like this mat.


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          Played Fiberbilt and CCE. The CCE devastated my shoulders and arms, a mishit, particularly too deep will light up your whole arm. I quite like the Fiberbilt.
          Haven't used a Truestrike.
          Considering the investment maybe you could ask around and see if anyplace in your area uses the various mats, driving range, pro shop etc.. Or see if one of the sim folks on here is near where you live.


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            I am not sure adding gel to cce will help. It’s not the shock/vibration of cce it’s that it decelerates the club rapidly. It grabs the club even on well struck shots. Prior to getting trigger finger and tender elbow, I loved going from CCe to real grass. However, the repeated stress lead me to fiberbuilt. Fiberbuilt I think is harder than real grass to hit a clean shot on and I have no issues going from mat to course. You do need to. Be careful on short game with fiberbuilt that you don’t drill a fat shot. It’s similar to when you hit it fat on a fluffy low around the green, it hit high on the face and comes out high soft and dead (short),