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Indoor Putting Green

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  • Indoor Putting Green

    Completely losing my mind over picking a artificial turf for my indoor putting green. Making a 8x12 and can't pull trigger. Synthetic np45,50,55 turf factory Putting elite and any other kind at this point.

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    I just order this 54"x240":

    I'm still in process of gathering materials for my build. There is an article out there about Camry trunk carpet used as a putting surface. Supposedly it mimics top level greens. I'm excited to test it out. Also I like the gray color.


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      mgunner0331 it putts really well however unfortunately the carpet is quite thin and has no backing so it has no durability. I bought it too thinking I could use it as a putting turf/ stance turf, but when swinging my feet would just stretch the carpet and made it basically unusable for my purpose. That said if your only purpose is putting I think you'll be pleased. If you want to do more than putting I actually found some marine carpet from menards that putts very similar to the camry carpet and looks very similar but has a backing and is overall thicker. I bought it for around .30 per square foot.


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        Appreciate the feedback. Thank you. It will be only for putting purposes.

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      I have NP50 as both a putting surface and a stance mat. It works great for both. There is no wear yet for a stance mat and I've been using it for that for about 1.5yrs now.


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        Did you use a carpet padding under the np50 wbond


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          No, they are both laid over plywood.
          Originally posted by LeftyLeff52 View Post
          Did you use a carpet padding under the np50 wbond


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            Was also considering the Camry golf putting turf so would appreciate any other feedback. I have asked for a sample. Like the colour and was hoping it would be functional for a simulator as well.


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              Somethings Bruin if you want a sample of it I can send you some. I've got a bunch left over I've got 3 rolls of 12ft x 4.5ft and don't mind sending you some if you want. Also I mentioned earlier in this thread that Menards sells something very similar

              It rolls just a touch slower about 9 on stimp but still a perfect roll with no wobble at all. The benefit of this is that it is a little thicker and has a some backing to it so it's more durable. I bought it for around 30 cents per square foot on sale, not sure if it's a nationwide sale but really good deal imo.


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                Really appreciate the offer Jerry, I have requested a sample from Camry and they said they would oblige. I am in Canada and not familiar with Menards but I will check them out as well. I am guessing this can come in black as well.