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Just screen or full enclosure

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  • Just screen or full enclosure

    Hello. New member here. I’m trying decide which type of screen type I should get. Deciding between just a screen with grommets that I try to set up myself or an enclosure. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I’m also trying to decide between par2pro or Carl’s. Thanks

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    Carls 5 foot deep enclosure has saved my room many times, one thing to consider though is that the top shelf of that enclosure will limit how high you can mount your projector without it interfering with the beam


    • jhaynes4211
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      I have a Carl's 5 foot deep unit and it works great, I have projector on floor currently still undecided about that though. One thing I will say is I ordered a custom 8 ft h by 9ft w and it is really big, I could have gotten away with an 8 x 8 for sure.

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    I built a shallow frame (using the grommets to hang the screen) and then built retractable curtains around it (sliding track on ceiling). This allows me to push them back behind the screen when not in use, and pull them out when hitting. I second VenturaHacker's comment about having something though-we have had a few guest shanks hit the curtains! I got both my frame fittings and screen from Carl's and have been very happy. The curtains were all an IKEA setup which I love.


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      Tom Hawkin Link to IKEA curtains please. I will be doing new build in new house and thinking I will do the same. Thanks


      • #5 Use that with Vigda ceiling tracks so they’re flush to ceiling. I outlined all this and the rest of my build in a guide on if interested. Good luck!
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          I have carl's 10x10 enclosure and a 10x10 screen. Also have curtains so if desired we can close them and watch a movie. If I had it to do over again, I would have done the 5 foot deep enclosure instead of 10 ft. It's really overkill and actually seems to make the space more narrow.


          • VenturaHacker
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            I had originally considered the 10 foot deep enclosure, decided instead to go with the 5 foot deep and add curtains on either side for the remaining five. However after I started using 5 foot enclosure I realized that the additional protection would’ve been overkill and some hassle, so I never installed additional 5 foot retractable curtains