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About to start my garage build. Anyone ever use 80/20 aluminum T slot framing?

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  • About to start my garage build. Anyone ever use 80/20 aluminum T slot framing?

    So I’m getting ready to upgrade from my golf net/TV set up to a impact screen/projector set up. I have done a ton of homework and this is what I’ve come up with. Projector Optoma 1080 darbee because it fits the throw distance with my garage light and door motor restrictions of going farther back. I am looking to do an 80/20 t slot frame built at 148”x90” with a Supertex 144”x96” screen. Also will hang two furniture blankets behind the screen. The frame will be an upside down u design with approximately 3 ft legs for support (2’ back and 1’ front). I will be reinforcing the corners on both of the top corners as well as the legs and hope this is enough. I decided on the 80/20 frame because if it isn’t sturdy enough freestanding, I can always add to it and anchor it to the wall. It is a little pricey, but I like the option of adding if need be. I’ve already considered adding short pieces to the top corners to go with netting to make side curtains for stray shots but at 12 ft wide my hope is that the side curtains are just for piece of mind. Also will attach netting above to protect ceiling on flops. Any ideas appreciated as I will probably start ordering either tomorrow night or Friday.

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    So I finally pulled the trigger to go from a net and tv to a DIY impact screen and enclosure. I ended up using 80/20 T-slot aluminum extrusions for my frame. It is approximately 12x8 and is 22” deep. I bought a 16x10 black mesh tarp off amazon and a 16x10 net from eBay to wrap around the frame for safety and to improve the picture on the screen.

    I still need a few more tarp clips and bungees to tighten the screen just a bit and have to hang my Optoma projector tomorrow. I have the frame set around 2 1/2 feet from the wall so I can still use the back side to hang tools. It’s almost like having a long closet. The floor base is just foam tile basically forming a 12x12 area. The hitting area is a little make shift, using some CC elite strips I had from first getting my SkyTrak. Those were causing wrist and elbow pain so I went with a fiberbuilt strip that is sunken in to a couple of recycled tire mats.

    I bought two 5x7 artificial bermuda “rugs” from Costco and a 2x8 green strip off eBay. I was afraid of balls bouncing and rolling around the garage so I bought the bermuda because it is like rough and does a good job keeping roll to a minimum. It isn’t the cleanest set up but it can all be broken down and put behind the screen (minus the foam tile) if we need to pull a car in. I hope to make it look a little nicer over the next few months but it’s not a bad start. I’d like to get a couple of matching stance mats but the two CC Elite strips pushed together work for now if I’m playing by myself.
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      Just starting to piece this together myself....Really appreciate your product detail and info. Anything else you can share in the way of measurements or "how to" that would help replicate your frame setup would be great! I've lived with a shit DIY setup for too long and have the space to do something similar to you and the OP.... Couple of quick questions:

      1. Does the frame collapse? Do you use the space for parking when not playing? How do you keep out of the way?
      ​​​​​​​2. For the Cosco flooring, assuming you are using this space for vehicles, how do you keep from driving on it and ruining it?
      3. Can you provide a bit more detail on how you worked the FB strip in? What size is it and where from? FB stopped selling hte 1X3's it seems....How much tire mat did you use? Which one?

      I'm mostly struggling with the flooring (hitting and non hitting areas) options and how to keep functional for cars while balanced with as little to setup and breakdown every time as possible.

      Sorry for the ramble and long post. Feel free to answer any part of none at all! I can send pics of what i'm working with if that would help

      edit: Sorry one more, do you use the metal case with ST? How do you perfectly level with your FB Mat? thanks
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    Up and running today!

    Click image for larger version

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      Looks great!!!