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Using a Carport / Tent for Simulator Build?

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  • Using a Carport / Tent for Simulator Build?

    First post....

    Normally during the winter months we play in a simulator league... but with covid who know if they will open this year, they have been closed since march, since its basically a bar with 6 sim bays... plus depending on how everything is going im not sure I would want to be in there anyways....

    So, in my house I dont have any ceilings tall enough to build my own simulator... So has anyone ever build one out of one of those carport type structures or a party tent type of thing? Thats the only thing I can think of to do one at home... with a propane heater inside. Not sure how that would hold up to snow... but nothing too fancy, Ive already got a good net and a mat... Thought?

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    Look at Yolloy. A few people have bought this:


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      thanks. never heard of that. Not sure it would hold up to weather though.


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        I too am interested in using a portable garage. Would something like this work?

        ​​​​are these easy to take down in the summer?


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          Anyone who lives in the northeast or further north have any suggestions on how to heat a roughly 450 square foot tent with with a 10' ceiling? The volume is huge, and it was 28F (-5C) playing tonight. The heater I bought (9000BTU propane heater) did nothing to help. Has anyone solved this problem? I cannot use an electrical heater, I don't have enough amps to pull, needs to be propane or another fuel. I can see myself getting desperate, it was miserable.


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            I have a 22x22 enclosed metal carport, its not insulated and I heat it with one of those small propane salamanders (60,000 BTU), It does pretty well usually turn it on initially for half hour, then am able to turn it off then back on every 15 - 20 minutes depending how cold it is, When it gets to single digits, it really can't keep the entire building comfortable, but 20 degrees and up its pretty good. Been thinking about wiring for an electric heater to use once the propane does the initial warm-up. I don't have my simulator in that building but i do go out and work on the tractor there.

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          That’s interesting. I tried an 11,000btu but it was worthless. Currently looking at a 125,000btu propane heater from dewalt or craftsman. Worried about the PVC of the tent though