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Outdoor build?

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  • Outdoor build?

    Has anyone built (or have examples of) an outdoor build? Designing the yard at the new house and some potential to do the sim in the back yard under a pergola vs the garage.

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    This is why I’m not in construction. I’m sure I would lose money by undercharging everyone.


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      So it won’t be a fully enclosed and insulated structure but rather open air?

      What is your plan for a projector since ambient light will be high?


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        That looks awesome! I can’t wait to see how it finishes! I am now thinking I may do a garage build that I can transition outside after seeing Hubbas setup. I’m 100% over zealous, but dreams can come true!


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          My structure will be half enclosed and half open air. The back half will be enclosed. I will use roll up tarps to cover the open air part. I will also have blackout curtains inside. Very little light will come in during the daytime. Overhead some light will come in. The roof will be see through. I want to make it look as much like a gazebo as possible. Even though the function is 100% golf sim. When we retire and move in 6-8 years or so, I want the golf part to be removable so only the gazebo is left. I’ve been trying to brainstorm the best way to control the light. I’m open to suggestions. So far I’ve come up with the roll up tarps and blackout curtains. I figured the combination will also help to keep it warm during the cold months. It’s a flexible plan since I’m still building.


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            It may not be real pretty but you could get OSB the same size as the openings, install hinges and then lower them closed when a sim. Open them up to look like an open gazebo other times.

            unsure if that makes sense


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              Thought I'd share my outdoor build that I recently completed. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I'm planning what I'd like to modify for ver. 2.0.

              - Platform area is 23x11 with a base of SnapLock outdoor tiles for drainage as this is on top of a concrete patio.
              - Turf sits on top of a layer of Grizzly Grass for a little cushioning
              - 18x6 outdoor putting turf from BirdieBall
              - Cage is 10x10x10 from Parbuster
              - Cage net is 10x10x10 from LFS Sport Nets
              - 10x10 baffle impact screen and 10x9 (LxH) side nets for shanks
              - Poles are 1-5/8" wrapped with 1" pipe foam insulation
              - Quattro 5x5 mat

              I'm very happy with the BirdieBall putting green. It rolls well, has a thick rubber backing and good weight to it. The Quattro mat is awesome to hit off of and although it was sent folded it has flatten out evenly. The cage is a true 120"x120"x120" interior hitting area as the attachments have plenty of room for you to measure out and get that interior dimension. I added the canopy poles and tarp.

              This is my first build so things I would have done differently that I plan on doing for version 2.0:

              - Build a level deck on top of the SnapLock tiles. My patio is sloped for drainage so I improvised by using some EVA foam tiles to try to build up the center area to get a somewhat level surface. Its ok but not great and I feels too soft when walking over it.
              - Buy a better turf roll to fit around the putting green. I went the cheapest route and got several different lengths of putting turf from Amazon which I regret as you're left with dealing with a lot of seams. And the seam tape I got didn't hold up in the rain but I was able to fix that with some PL Premium.

              I'll be adding an projector screen, side tarps to reduce the ambient light (that can be rolled up when not using the projector) and a Mevo+ to the setup shortly which will finish it off. Hope this gives some ideas with outdoor builds.


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                Looks great! Do you ever take it down?

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              Treyc321 Thanks! While I can take it apart I don't plan on it. It'll stay up year round which I why I added the canopy roof. The 1-5/8" diameter tubing makes for a heavy cage that isn't as easy to put up let alone take down.