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Construction Begins on Sim Room Addition

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  • Construction Begins on Sim Room Addition

    Construction Starts! Room addition is 15x20 with 11’ ceilings. Slab is 3000 PSI. Room is being added to the back of the garage caddie-corner to the master bedroom (source or potential sound issue for wife). Wives!

    Here is the setup:
    1. Uneekor Eye Xo;
    2. SIG 12 from Shopindoorgolf;
    3. Landing turf
    4. SIGPro 4x7 premium mat.
    5. Optoma EH412ST Golf Simulator Projector;
    6. Ceiling Mounts; and
    7. Uneekor Swing Optix Camera system (I am so stoked about this system for quality swing videos and analysis - the best I have seen);
    Wife is squawking about potential noise because I currently hit in the garage and she can hear everything. She seems to have bionic hearing! So, to waylay her concerns, I had to spend an extra $4k for soundproofing. I am leaving nothing to chance! Here is what I contracted for:
    1. CLARKDIETRICH SOUND CLIPS and CHANNEL (best sound reducing clips I could find when doing STC comparisons);
    2. 5/8 Type C Drywall;
    3. Rock Wool Comfort Batt insulation;
    4. 3.5 mil poly at the walls and ceiling over the insulation;
    5. Sound dampening curtains for 4 windows and sliding door (potential source for sound leaks & total for curtains was almost $300);
    6. Entry door is insulated exterior door to reduce sound;
    7. Sound dampening curtain will be added to slide across the door when closed to further dampen sound;
    8. Projected STC sound reduction is 60 STC (I am hoping that will be enough to get me under 40 STC on impact screen); and
    9. All electrical outlets will be insulated to further reduce sound leaks.
    I am having 6 adjustable recessed LED lights installed in the ceiling (spacing and placement TBD). All cabling for Uneekor, projector TV etc. is being prewired into the ceiling and walls to control cords. I am having the electrician (who also has media room experience) pre-install all mounting for Uneekor Eye XO and projector so, in theory, after I paint and carpet the room, all I have to do is mount the Uneekor and projector and plug them in (as in just screw them in!

    The soundproofing should be sufficient to absorb the higher frequency driver and iron impact, but the low frequency impact of the ball hitting the screen has me a little concerned. I think I will be okay though. If I can hit less than 40 STC on impact (measured where she is) I am hoping that will be enough so she will not complain.

    The A/C unit was moved (temporarily) today. Footing and rebar gets dug and laid tomorrow.

    I got a nice deal on the gaming laptop for the room during Christmas (it is $400 more expensive on Newegg now).
    1. Lenovo Legion 7i Laptop, 15.6" FHD IPS 144 Hz, Intel Core i7-10750H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q 8 GB, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home
    The attached picture shows the space for the room after the A/C was temporarily moved to make room for the footings. I will be posting pics as the construction progresses.

    I bought a Db meter so I can test the noise level. My driver swing speed varies between 108 and 115 Mph (not bad for 56). The test will be with my friend that is in the mid 90’s. I will have PROOF if the wife complains…lol. If she finds 40 to 45 STC annoying I am getting a divorce….lol (jk).

    I am not planning to make this a bar type setup as I (like 90%+ of the time) and perhaps 1 other person will be in the room.

    If you guys have any questions, I will be happy to answer based on research I did (especially on the sound issues).

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    Roof framing completed today. Last wall sheathing scheduled for tomorrow along with window installation. A/C and electrical scheduled to begin mid week. Room should be dried in by Thursday. The electrical end will be interesting meeting with media guy to lay out outlets, lighting, area for Uneekor Eye XO and projector mountings along with related ceiling and wall media wiring. I will post pics of the media wiring once installed.


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      One thing I have learned through this is materials are hard to come by. Contractor struggled to get siding color due to supply constraints. He managed to finally get it and it was delivered today. Man, off color carpet is also hard to get. Many have delays out to two months! I managed to not get quite the color I wanted, but it was close. Even this is taking 7-10 days to get. The middle green will be the wall color and the off white will be ceilings and baseboards. If you go through someone like Lowes, they won't even measure until baseboards are down and then you are looking at 2-3 week delay getting it installed (assuming they can get the carpet). My advice, find your carpet and get your own installer. It is a little more expensive (because Lowes has free install), but the delays involved are crazy.

      The cost of lumber is skyrocketing and sheetrock is getting harder to get. Contractor said he is having to alter the way he prices jobs because of shortages and price increases. Thank goodness I contracted in November for this!
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        In Virginia.

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        I think you mean the cost of lumber has skyrocketed, as it did that about 9-10 months ago... I'm not sure, but it may be coming down now or in the near future - for those willing to wait.

      • Kaos
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        Yes it has been going through the roof! Depending on the grade of 2x4 for example it is now running $10.50-$13.00 per piece! That is triple or better than it was a year ago. OSB board has really gone nuts. It is $30-$35 per 4x8 sheet. My contractor said that is more than 3x what it was a year ago. Likewise, he said sheetrock is harder to come by (certain types) and that the cost is ever going up on that as well. On the siding, he has one job that he has bee awaiting supplier to provide several square for over 4 weeks (and counting). The supplier shorted him and can't seem to come up with the missing square. As I indicated, mine was hard to get from his supplier. He had to get it through Lowes and he said they did not have much of it. My Rockwool insulation had a 6 week backorder wait. Fortunately, he ordered that in late December.

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      Sheathing finished on outside today. Windows were installed and they started laying the frame for the A/C pad where the unit will be and where the mini split will be installed. Most of the sheathing was stripped from the back wall (current garage wall) sound insulation (Rockwool) can be installed. Inside window will be removed tomorrow in preparation for entry door install. Sliding door will be installed tomorrow. We are meeting with electrician and media guy in the morning to lay out wiring, outlets and blocking in the ceiling to be ready for installation of Uneekor Eye XO and projector. The mini split unit I believe is scheduled for initial install on Thursday (?). I am a little concerned about the master bath flooring shown at the top of the back wall. We are going to have to find a solution to help block sound from entering there. I am thinking we can add a thin layer of Rockwool between drywall and the floor. The jetted tub shown above floor is to be stuffed with insulation. One interesting item I learned today was that the contractor is putting R38 Rockwool in ceiling for added soundproofing.

      I am also attaching a couple of pics of the sound clips and related hat channel that will be installed between 5/8" Type C drywall and wall studs.


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        To address my concern relating to the bathroom floor issue noted in prior post, we installed some additional studs to allow for full installation of Rockwool insulation along with related sound clips and hat channel. We are going to stuff the openings with fiberglass and then use the Rockwool in between the studs. I had my doubts when imagining the additional studs, But, I think that jutted out section of the wall actually lends the wall a little character. Framer added one additional ceiling joist that will add additional mass above the studs. When combined with the R38 Rockwool in the ceiling, I should be good to go.

        We roughed out electrical plan this morning for about 2 hours (holding up the framers) along with related media plan. Per the plan the blocking was installed for the Uneekor EXO and for projector ceiling mounting was installed. AC & Mini split joint pad was finished and concreted in as well.

        Living room window is coming out tomorrow and sliding door is being installed. Electrical is being started tomorrow and AC is being installed and main unit moved.
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          Just a thought. I have the Eyexo also, you might want the ceiling plug for the Eye to be switched so you can shut it off. I use a smart plug at the moment and tell Alexa to turn it off, but a switched plug would be handy.


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            Originally posted by pwade3 View Post
            Just a thought. I have the Eyexo also, you might want the ceiling plug for the Eye to be switched so you can shut it off. I use a smart plug at the moment and tell Alexa to turn it off, but a switched plug would be handy.
            You know, that is probably a good idea. I am having the electrician install a box into the ceiling (putty padded of course) with outlets in it (i.e. power, HDMI and CAT6). Maybe I should have him install a wall switch that I can turn the outlet off when not in use. Primarily, the box was being used to control cabling. I don't use my phone or Alexa to control anything in the home.


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              1st post and following your build closely. just a possible heads up with your selected projector and the uneekor swing cameras. i will be installing the dual swing cameras and from other forum members, DLP projectors can interfere with the picture. not 100 % sure yours will? but i have emailed uneekor direct and they have a small list (2) that are compatible. LASER 3LCD recommended. maybe someone else will chime in?


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                Originally posted by mikemc View Post
                1st post and following your build closely. just a possible heads up with your selected projector and the uneekor swing cameras. i will be installing the dual swing cameras and from other forum members, DLP projectors can interfere with the picture. not 100 % sure yours will? but i have emailed uneekor direct and they have a small list (2) that are compatible. LASER 3LCD recommended. maybe someone else will chime in?
                Yes, I am aware of the flickering issue. It very well may flicker but I hope it is nothing more than RGB screen flicker, That is fine with me because I am not too worried about seeing data when looking at the camera images, I am more concerned with analyzing my swing. I am kind of expecting the flicker though. I understood they are working to find the cause of the flickering.


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                  Rough Electrical wiring laid today. Recessed lighting blocking installed x 6. External outlet installed x2, A/C disconnect box installed x2 (1 for mini split and one for main A/C unit). Sliding door installed. Mini split blocking installed on rear wall. All outlets will be covered with Putty Pads for added sound protection. Interestingly, electrician said that light cans were a type where the insulation could be put right up against the can. Both I and the framer were surprised as we both thought the insulation had to be off the cans. This will be great for controlling sound through the recessed lights. Also, you will notice that the outlets are jutted out from the wall. This allows for them to be a little less than flush with the drywall after it is installed on the sound clips and related hat channel.

                  Electrician also indicated that he planned to run 3 circuits. One for computer related equipment and Uneekor EXO, one for lighting and one for Mini split. I thought that was a great idea to disconnect the A/C from the rest (especially the sim equipment to prevent unnecessary voltage surges). Guess it is a great thing to have an electrician with media room experience!

                  Unfortunately, the A/C crew was a no-show today.


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                    Snafu today. Supplier fouled us up and sold my mini split! New unit was ordered. AC re-route was started for main AC unit to hide lines in ceiling instead of running long lines outside. All electrical outlets were wired and light cans were installed and wired. AC lines made ready for main AC unit move on Monday and disconnect boxes were wired. Dimmer box was wired that will have 4 dimmer switches. One will control face on to golfer recessed light, one will control light directly behind the golfer, one will control the front row and one will control the back row. I am planning on using 5k adjustable bean lighting with the Phillips 5k flicker free lights.

                    On/off switch was installed to turn off power outlet in ceiling (thanks to feedback someone gave me here!). Electrician is going to run extra CAT 6 lines and HDMI cables just in case there is ever an issue with a cable. He is running the Uneekor CAT 6 cable through the ceiling, but we will have backup CAT 6 outlets just in case the Uneekor cable ever has an issue. The ceiling outlets will be in a box countersunk into the ceiling to control cabling and power supply for Uneekor.

                    Framer started putting on siding. Between doing things for AC guys and electrician.

                    I am hoping I can get framing and electrical inspections next week so we can insulate, install sound clips and hat channel and then drywall.
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                      Main AC final move was done today and AC line reroute from house through addition attic was a much more professional job (compared to the running of long lines outside which the AC guy wanted to do). Rough electrical inspection received today. All outlets and switches were putty padded. Cabling & outlet ceiling box was installed in ceiling and several CAT 6 cables were ran along with an HDMI cable. The box was also putty padded. Finishing touches were also put on most of the framing. Additional blocking was added at based of rear wall to block air gaps at the based of garage wall (bad source of sound leak). Interior window was removed and door was cut in (with temporary board installed where insulated entry door will be installed. Framer verified that insulation was installed in floor above the door. I am waiting on arrival of mini split now (hopefully by Wednesday) so that can be installed so framing inspection can be obtained later this week. Once that inspection is done, we can finalize electrical and begin installing Rockwool insulation and sound clips and related hat channel. Carpet came in Friday so now I just have to get a firm date it have it installed.
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                        How much space will new interior door have to enter space? Assuming the screen will be right next to it.

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                        The screen is 12'2" W and 9'4" tall and is going on the sliding glass door end (opposite end from entry door). It is being located approximately 14" from the sliding door and there will be a 100" x 84" sound dampening curtain in between impact screen and glass for both sound dampening and protection of the door. The target line is set to be 7'6" from the left wall (or behind a right handed golfer), so the screen will be offset by 6" from center of 14 feet.
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                      Mini Split was installed today. Because of its location it was an all day affair. We did manage to get the siding half done as well. The entry door did not get put in today as the truck that had it ending up breaking down and they could not get it here in time. Final framing, AC and electrical inspections are scheduled for first of the week. Once those are in hand, the Rockwool insulation will go up, and sound clips and hat channel will go up. We should be putting up drywall Wed. or Thursday. The wait on the mini split being delivered delayed construction by 4 days. It's always s'um!
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                        Go figure, the entry door did not get put in today because the supplier delivered the wrong door! It opens the opposite of what it should open. These suppliers are killing me with delay after delay. The Rockwool insulation did get delivered today and the 5/8 Type C drywall is in the contractor's warehouse ready too be delivered. I am not sure why the roofer has been delayed, but I got on the contractor today about getting the roofer started. The primary progress was with siding. One side was basically completed and the other was about 3/4 or better completed. Electrician did a couple of minor items to get ready for final install after drywall goes up. Mini split install was finalized with finishing touches.

                        Mechanical inspection was finalized today and framing inspection is scheduled for the morning. I think the plan is to start insulating tomorrow after framing inspection and try to finish up new siding. I hope they can get the entry door in as well. Now if we can get the roofer here, I'll feel like we are making some progress!


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                          We failed the framing inspection. The frame had to have an anchor bolt installed and additional studs installed by the sliding door. Apparently these two requirements are high wind related items that the City started enforcing in last quarter of 2020 (and I am actually glad the inspector caught those two items being we are prone to tropical storms and low grade hurricanes on occasion). Installed required anchor bolt and additional studs. Rockwool insulation installation began and most of the siding was completed. Framing inspector is coming back in the morning for signoff. We were short a few square of siding and had to wait half the day on delivery of remaining square. All drilled holes wall and stud holes for AC piping and electrical wiring were foamed in as well, (to block potential sound leaks and insects), prior to installing insulation. You can actually see an example in the picture with the window.

                          Attached images show anchor bolt installed and additional studding (required on both sides) by sliding door. Old siding partially reinstalled on back of the garage and most of the side wall siding was completed and part of the front wall was completed. Additional images show great progress on Rockwool insulation install. The Rockwool takes a while to install as every piece has to be cut for the space where it will be installed. We got word that roofer is going to install shingles this week (finally). I am hoping we can get started on the sound clip installation and related hat channel install tomorrow. Then the drywall! I hope to be painting and carpeting by the end of next week (fingers crossed that no more delays occur).


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                            Where in SE VA are you...I am in Yorktown.