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Buildings a sim and need advice please.

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  • Buildings a sim and need advice please.

    Hi everyone . I am looking to get a home sim still undecided on what sim to get, its either going to be the garmin r10 or a skytrack but i am looking on advice on a mat and the bay enclosure.
    What would be the best mat to get in the UK i have only been playing golf one year, so don’t have any experience with buying mats etc. I would like a mat that takes tees.
    Also about the bay/screen would i be better buying a pre built one from somewhere like golf bays, they have them for £1350 or should i get one made myself. If i should get my own made would the frame be steel or wooden ?

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    the easiest frame is 3/4-1" emt conduit. Do you have access to this conduit at a hardware store in UK? in electrical dept. You can buy the connectors ( 2,and 3 ways ) to finish frame. What size are you looking for. Wood is fine but it harder to put insulation on . You can get a simple 10 x 10 x 5 or 10 x 10 x 10 frame with net, screen and connectors for around 400 US dollars.


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      Yes there is a metal store just ten minutes drive from my home. I will go today and ask for a quote. I think i would like 2.5m by 2.5m and a depth of 1.5m.
      Any recommendations for a mat that takes tees ?


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        you want the real feel country club elite mat. it holds a real tee. you want to try and find it on your side of the pond!. It gets real expensive to ship overseas due to size. A real popular size enclosure is 120 x 120 x 60 deep. Which is approx 3m x 3m x 1.5m.


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          Ordered the enclosure last night

          and i also ordered a tee turf 2m x2m mat last night.