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What am I not seeing? Design Build Renderings, Any Issues?

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  • What am I not seeing? Design Build Renderings, Any Issues?

    Hello Friends *Jim Nantz voice*,

    I'm moving in January so now I get to redesign/rebuild my golf sim. Below are some pictures of my design in 2d and 3d. Any glaring issues or red flags (besides not having ideal width)? Also, I'd love some input on details like hitting mat offset and location of computer.

    Quick back story. Room is 11'x21'x10'. I know I'll have to have some offset since the room is a little tight--sorry lefties. Anyone have any experience with a skinner space? I figured 2 feet of offset should be enough, but this might have to be something I play around with once I'm in there.

    Also what are your thoughts on my cumputer and monitor location? In the rendering I have it just behind the hitting area.

    Lastly, is the bar/sitting area too close? I feel like I might have to scratch that idea.

    I appreciate your thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.PNG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	sim 3d1.PNG
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ID:	378804Click image for larger version

Name:	sim3d3.PNG
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    DimpledBalls72 - there appears to be no problem with the bar stools / sitting area being too close, but the biggest problem I see is that your screen is not wide enough? Unless you're going for some kind of 4:3 ratio narrow screen, you really want to go wide and the screen should fill the entire width that you have. That width is a bit narrow too at 11'. I'm at 11' 4" and it's really tight in the room width-wise.

    Have a look at this post from my thread where I'm setting up the screen/projector, you can get all details on my dimensions and equipment and more in the entire thread (all 4-5 pages):
    ​​​Hi Everyone, I'm starting this post as a way to keep myself accountable. The tasks are huge, but not insurmountable as I'm having to do all my build work by myself. Contractors are either non-existent in this post-pandemic marketplace, or they have so much work they are 3 months out! I'll be posting up here as I make

    Good luck...


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      Agree, to make the small space more immersive you need to fill that back wall with the whole image, so an 11ft screen with some black edging to frame it then use your projector model / location to fill it 4:3 or 16:9.


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        Thanks for the comments vrpunk and Brettster I I couldn't get a larger screen image on the free version of the planning software. I plan to use a carls DIY which will take up the length of the back wall. I should have said that in the original post.


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          I see DimpledBalls72 - that makes sense. Could you put 2, or 3 of those smaller screens along the back wall in the planning software? That would give you a better idea of how it's going to look...