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Moving with your golf sim - advice sought

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  • Moving with your golf sim - advice sought

    Has anyone moved between homes with a golf simulator? Moving soon and new space is going to be at least 2-3x larger. Probably need to keep my current setup intact for the immediate future, though I plan to expand asap.

    with this in mind, any tips for when I break things down and pack up? Anything to check over while I have the opportunity? Any specific packing tips? The only pieces I don’t think I want to take are the sound blankets I’ve got on the walls, and I really want to redo my entire stance and hitting area to move to a center strike area, and not remain offset right.

    Thankfully I have my current setup with a floor mount projector and protector case, so I’ll be able to throw it down and get right back up and running pretty quickly, and I can take my time modifying the new space for a ceiling mount and whatever else is needed.

    Tips and whatnot are appreciated. Considerations appreciated. Also, I do intend to expand this to expand from 8x8x5 to 16x10x5 or 8, and maybe it’ll be worth waiting a bit?

    also, if you’re interested in a Carl’s Place 8x8x5 enclosure with premium screen, I’d sell it as I’m thinking about retractable solutions for dual use going forward until we dig out the basement. Three stages, yikes! Your sim is never done , especially as a DIYer.

    The actual components are two computers, five monitors, a projector, LM, lighting, balance plate, and odds and ends.

    Thank you.