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Congrats to @braycobb (NET) and @beau lester (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2020 SPRING TOUR - Valero Texas Open !

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Help please about to spend money and dont want to screw up.

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  • Help please about to spend money and dont want to screw up.

    Thank you for a fantastic site. I have been lurking for a while now. Thanks to all the nice people who take the time to answer and help people. I just bought the sky trak with gip software. I need a mat and am debating getting the one on the sky trak site called range servant tee up mat its 5x5. Does anyone have experience with this mat? I would rather have fiberbuilt 4x7 but so expensive. any input on that would be great. Also going to order enclosure kit today and screen. i want a 14 foot wide by 9 feet tall screen and 5 foot deep enclosure. should i order carls or allsportsystems superbay? Planning on using an Optoma 1080pdarbee hopefully im not screwing up. need help as i have to order today.


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    Real Feel country club elite mat is the same size and cheaper at Costco if a member, but the same concept. There are a lot of options with similar feel to the CCE but are cheaper, 5 star golf mats is one (perfect reaction). If you read through, some have found this to be hard on the wrists/elbows, so just be weary of that. Best of luck in the decision. Can't help too much with the enclosure, I only have a net.


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      All I can say it that I used Carl"s screen and the service and quality have been great. I have only been hitting into the screen for a week, but it has done everything I need it to do. Plus the customer service has been outstanding. I went with Carl's as I found a number of great reviews on here and satisfied customers (plus a WI company - keep it local). Price is little higher than some, but appears to be worth it.

      I have the same projector and it has performed good for what I am using it for. Install can be tricky as your measurements need to be fairly accurate as there is not a lot of adjustment. Make sure to find a good projector mount that allows you to adjust in all directions.

      I have the CCE mat 5x8 and love it. Size is perfect for both right and left hand play, but I primarily will use it for right hand play. I like that you do not feel cramped on the mat.

      Best of Luck and Enjoy!


      • sblaylock
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        Thanks for the input.I ordered the mat 5x5 and skytrak with wgt. Are you using skytrak? i was curious about other ios sims like trugolf too. Any reccomendations on that?


      • azbball11
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        I am using Uneekor QED and absolutely love it. When I started thinking of my build, I was dead set on Skytrak, but moved to Uneekor after many hours of research and funneling thru this forum.

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      You're screen won't be 14 x 9 would be 14 x 7'10" ... at 7ft away ..