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Congrats to @Monovision (GROSS) and @Joe_S (NET) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Rocket Mortgage Classic!

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic with 2 rounds at Banff Springs (Pro Tee):
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Best SIM software set-up

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  • Best SIM software set-up

    Still new to this. Mid 40s, started to play golf for real last year again (moved to Golf Course) and played handicap from 26 to 16 this year so far thanks to new system. Set-up a retractable SIM with GC2, retractable Stealthscreen (16:9 ft) from Par2Pro / AllSports and Use Foresight Performance Fitting App for my iPad, TGC 2019 and Protee Play. Do not regret anything. Really helped game improvement for sure.

    I was eyeing FSX 2020 for game improvement but the steep price tag is an issue for me. I. got the VIP ProTee Play package yesterday and have to say that the combine is a great way to warm up and manage your irons and wedges. So happy with that plus fun games for the kids and a better driving range than TGC for game improvement I think.

    Question, does it still make sense to get FSX 2020? I am also seeing posts on E6 and a potential combination of FSX and E6. I see in my Protee Interface that there is an E6 option so I assume I can make it work with my GC2/GSX set-up via Protee interface?
    Thanks to contributors like
    mthunt TGC maybe enough to practice for game improvement. Opinions appreciated.

    Other feedback:
    Just FYI, I had zero misreads or connection issues with my GC2/GSX and Protee Interface/ TGC 2019 so far. Not one after playing 6 rounds and plenty practice over last couple of days... so very happy.

    Looking for online play so pls reach out to connect. Putting was an issue for me but I am now using the 2 yards gimmie and I am not aiming via computer arrows rather adjust my stance based on reading and it works much better for me...

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    I've had GC2, FSX, and TGC1 / TGC2019 for 4 years now. The only thing I use FSX for is the range, the courses look like kids doodles compared to TGC and the putting mechanics are terrible, therefore SIM golf on FSX is unbearable for me. Also, their pricing is ridiculous compared to TGC. I personally won't ever spend another penny on FSX software.

    I assume you bought the GC2 second hand? Otherwise, I assume you would have had to purchase FSX and would be aware of its shortcomings. I've read a huge amount of posts about FSX throughout this site, and I'm yet to hear anyone speak glowingly of it. Foresight won't ever bother to fix their awful software as long as people keep paying their ridiculous fees and upgrading to 2020, I hope everyone just stays away from them so they get the message.


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      Thanks! I bought a refurb GC2 from Par2Pro with TGC 2019. I originally ordered the mevo+ but could not wait that long (Covid..) So after reading a bunch of reviews I decided to go GC2 refurb. I don’t regret it at all. I bought the gaming laptop etc from Par2Pro too so they set it all up for me so it worked out of the box. I just updated the Protee interface and added Protee Play. Maybe thats all I need plus the free performance fitting iOS app from Foresight.
      I intend to use Fore the iOS app for real play and was wondering if there is a good way to coming scores and performance in real play and SIM. But maybe too far stretched thinking.
      Thanks again so I may just skip FSX for now. I assume E6 is a head on competition to TGC so not sure if it make sense to own both?
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      I love my GC2, just not FSX. It wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t forced me pay $3000USD for it just for the privilege of giving them another $4k or so for the hardware. The quality of the software is worth maybe $500, nowhere near what they charge for it.