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I'm NEW here. Hello all!

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  • I'm NEW here. Hello all!

    Hello all, I'm known as PZ. I'm am an avid golfer, maybe to dedicated to it if you ask my girlfriend. But, I live in Wisconsin, and in the winter I'm limited to when or where I can play. I am a 4.4 now, but need to get to a 2 or better ( personal reasons, but willing to share if need be). So I am building my own sim. I have a big barn that I use as my current workshop. I have the space to build a room 12' wide, 19' deep, with an 11' high ceiling inside. The room will be proper with all 2x4 studs, 1/2" OSB floor,1/2" drywall except for the impact area will also be OSB. R-11 insulation in floor, walls, and ceiling. The entire inside will be black or dark blue berbur carpet, and heated. Throw in a couch, table mini fridge and some chairs.

    Now this is where I need the help or advice. I was originaly going to use the SkyTrack with TruGolf E6 1.6, but then I'm lost as what to use for a computer. I have a brand new Dell sitting in a box, but I don't know if it is up to speed with the requirments of the E6. Then I would need a projector... Lost there too.

    OR!!!, do I just build the room as I have planed, and purchase the Vist 8 with the E6 1.6 and be done? I know that if I get the Vista 8, it "should" all work with no problems, and its complete. Other wise I'm piecing it together and don't know if it will all work smoothly. I think if I piece it together I could do it all in for about $7K, or do I just spend the $12K and not have the headache? Does anyone have the Vista8? Does anyone know if there is any lag from impact to what shows up on the screen? Should I build the over head light into the room's ceiling or use what would come in the Vista8? HELP!

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    Can you Post your Computer Specs or Model #. With those room dimensions I assume it will be a righ or left hand only setup?

    Have you looked at a used Protee System from the Forums? 8 would recommend that, because you can get one for about the same price as Skytrak.

    I think you would be happier with TGC vs E6 Software as well. I am still putting together my Protee Build. I got a used system here as well. Also for turf/mat do you have a Synlawn local? You can save tons of money that way as well. Hope this helps, I am sure others will chime in as well.


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      Thanks for the input, but why a different set up? Just curious, i would like the info on different ways to do it,. Yup righties only. I dont know the specs of the computer, its in a box buried. A used system could be a way to go too, just worried about having the problems someone eles was having, and thats why they solf it. As far as the E6, i play on a full swing and thats what im used to.


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        Skytrak with TGC and never look back.


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          Welcome to Wisconsin, were about are you in this cold state? If you know were Lamartine is, we just built a sim in that town. New to the whole sim things, so I'm not much of a help yet.
          Stay warm my friend K-


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            Lamartine is about an hour -hour and 30 away. Id love to see what you built and equipment used.


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            Hi Jhmeg2 . Just a few pointers from my view. I build a 15x19 room. . I don't think you will be able to fit a Couch in yours. Don't think i could fit one in mine. As of the Hardware and Software. I have a gaminig Laptop (1500$) because my Setup is in a barn too and I don't heat it when I don't use it. So I take the Laptop out every time. You can get a gaming Computer that runs any sim Software on the market for under 1000$. I have skytrak and TGC, couldn't be happier. If you have the extra $ you can go with GC2 and TGC but skytrak does the Job for me. With TGC you got more courses then you will ever be able to Play, an awesome tour to join and Protee has the best customer Support EVER. The only down part is that you don't have multible tees which doesn't bother me. I put 3000 in the room plus 400 for the projector, 500 for the hitting Screen, 400 for the Cage, 2000 for the skytrak, 1000 for TGC, and 300 for the CCE hitting Strip. It all works out great for me. Just trying to give you a Little Feedback from a happy sim user .