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Introducing myself

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  • Introducing myself

    Hello all,
    While I joined back in June of 2016, I didn't really have much input to offer until recently after I bought a simulator less than 3 weeks ago.
    I have been playing golf since 2008 and and I am in my late 40's. Prior to golf I was mainly a billiard player. Had enough with the late nights the tournaments take you to. So fresh air and sun were some of the things that attracted me to golf. However its my nature to practice and improve to the best of my ability. I have never been one for just playing for the sake of it, except for bowling. My handicap is around a 10. I generally shoot a 38-42 on any given 9. So i'm good for shooting anywhere from a 78 to an 84. I generally play on course with a 126-ish slope.

    After doing a bunch of research and browsing through forums, this one in particular, I decided that the Skytrak device was what fit my needs and budget the best. I currently own a house and am blessed with a finished basement with 10 ft ceilings. This enables me to hit everything from a wedge to driver. I have been hitting into a net for a few years now to keep in shape and keep the muscle memory going. I noticed the first thing to go when i don't practice is my shot shape. I normally hit a draw, and that is what I am used to when lining up to a green, but when i get out of practice it starts to turn into a fade unless i get a few days of practice.
    The setup is very basic. I have the Skytrak with the Practice and Improve package. That's the $99/year plan. I figured if this was not enough to keep me interested I could always upgrade to the Play and Improve at a later date. I am reviewing my results on a Ipad AIr. No projector, big screen, etc...I purchased the case but currently not using it.

    My main intention of using the device is for practice and tuning. Not really for playing a game. I occasionally go into the online feature and play the CTH Kiawah challenge but the practice range features are what intrigues me more. I love the fact that I am free to go and practice at my leisure. I save so much time in traveling and can practice at any time I want, day or night.
    While I have not compared the results against another device I can say that the distances are what I expected. I have been keeping track of many of my clubs using a GPS device and am pretty well tuned to the distances I hit. On rare occasions the device will show a shot shape other than what I expected, but then again I have had that happen on the range as well so I will give the Skytrak the benefit of the doubt. I would say about 85 - 90 % of the time the shots are what I expected to see. I don't claim within a yard accuracy, I am not that good. But to around 5 yards accuracy, i think I can bet on the devices honesty, However more importantly than distance is the shape. That is really what I am after. I can draw and fade the ball at will and as i said before my go to is a draw. The great part of using a device like this is getting accurate results from subtle changes like week to strong grips, etc.
    I have also noticed a bit of a difference in shot results from one ball to the next. I am currently using a Titleist Velocity as my benchmark. So far I have compared the results of this ball against a ProV, Taylormade Project e, and a Srixon Z-star. I am seeing a 5+ yard increase with the Velocity and considerable more spin. I will continue to track the results as this is only since Dec of 2016.

    My favorite feature is the shot analysis. This sets up for 10 distances at 5 shots each. Then does an overview of your accuracy and perspective handicap. I have been getting down to a 6 handicap average when using my 60 wedge up 3 iron for irons and my hybrid for the tenth club.

    On the Con side I have to say it takes a little time getting used to how close the device needs to be to the ball. AND needs to be sitting forward of the shot rather than even or behind it to make matters worse. I would not recommend lending this out to just anyone to hit on. One good shank and the device is probably toast. If you plan of making a swing change that is anything major, i would recommend doing it without the device close by. Once you get a few swings in and get used to the change, then I would use the device for shot metrics.
    The only other thing is I wish they could add at least one 9 hole course. I know I said my main intention is for the practice range, breaking away for an occasional 9 holes would be nice. But not for the extra cash per year, sorry but I just don't think the game part on WGT is worth it.

    Overall I think it is well worth the money. So far I have been tracking shots since Mid December of 16 and hope to get a lot more practice on it. I have seen considerable improvements in my shape and distance and am very excited to got out on a course to see if this results in any improvement.