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GC2 vs PX5 video , short chips and pitches

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  • GC2 vs PX5 video , short chips and pitches

    I couldn't resist having both sims running at the same time, measuring the same shot. Considering both sims are very different in their methods, the results are crazy similar. I should have set up the greens the same before hand. The GC2 at times had a slightly different path than the PX5. This could be because it has a 1 degree +/- HA. The PX5 had different spin at times because spin is calculated from ball speed, LA, club path and face angle. Being that there are +/- tolerances for each of those..... spin will not be as accurate as the GC2. Overall, they are so close that I would accept what I was seeing on the screen as being accurate. The other day I took a bunch of 8 iron shots with both sims running with similar results.

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    I should add that I spent no time trying to set up the PX5 to match the GC2. I think I am running different green settings. GC2 is 7/2/1 whereas the PX5 is 7/3/1. Later, I will use the GC2 to fine tune my spin settings on the PX5.


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      That is pretty cool getting to see them both running at the same time on the same shots. They do look pretty similar but there is definitely enough difference on some of those to make the difference between being in gimme range and having to putt. Have you played any full rounds yet with the GC2? I'm curious if your scores will go down because it is more accurate on spin or up because you have adjusted your game to the PX5.


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        It will most likely go up at first because I am used to chipping on the PX5. The GC2 allows me to have more control over the spin....that's for sure. Once I get used to the short game differences, I should be about the same. In fact..... once I have time I am going to calibrate the Px5 to closely match the GC2....100 yards in. I took the GC2 to the range. I found that it is super accurate within 100 yards.


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          Sorry, I answered with my other account. I am also SpecialK. I had to create another account to run two sims at once.