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Vistrak Beta testing, Gear effect ?

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  • Vistrak Beta testing, Gear effect ?

    Anyone interested in having gear effect taken into consideration with SA calculations?

    Things are progressing. Maybe slower than most people would like. But it looks like we will have a winner for around $1000 for a club data add on for GC2 and Skytrak users.

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    First of all I would say adding club data like this to my Skytrak setup for $1000 would be amazing and I would be very very interested!

    What do you mean by take gear effect into account though? Wouldnt this already be accounted for by the Skytrak and its calculation of spin and horizontal launch angle? Or would adding a Vistatrak alter the raw spin numbers that are passed to TGC from Skytrak? Sorry if dumb question!


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      I should clarify.…… calculating gear effect would be for systems that don't measure the Vistrak Eagle. When using Vistrak with a Skytrak, The vistrak would be open on another screen. Club data would not be sent to TGC. However, it would be displayed by the GSA control panel. More of a practice tool. When playing TGC, club data is just a FYI for systems that measure spin.

      The system in the video can play TGC by itself, or the system can be added to a Skytrak or GC2 for club data. The system in the video is our entry level single camera system. You can add a few more cameras to the system for ball spin and more accurate ball flight. Our highest end system is the single camera with two more cameras in stereo. This system is retailing for $3800 at the moment. It measures club speed, club path, face angle, AOA, HA, LA, ball speed, ball spin and spin axis. The eagle can also be added to older GSA systems for club data and video playback of the club at impact.

      Vistrak systems start at $1300 to $3800.

      While the Vistrak is still in Beta testing, it shows great promise for a pretty reasonable price. Beta updates are coming every few days with new improvements all the time.
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