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Congrats to @Chris Stevens (GROSS) and @Joe_S (NET) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Travelers Championship!

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And now...the Quantum!

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  • And now...the Quantum!

    Was Esprit, then StereoX, today it's called VisTrak Quantum. From Martin's tech news page:
    That name popped into my head this morning. Sounds pretty cool to me. Like a Quantum leap in advanced tectnology.
    Also solid information about the spin reading which will require marked balls. Fear not! The Quantum 2 won't need marked balls.

    Note that - like all other camera based ceiling mounted tracking systems under $10,000 - spin dot balls are required to measure ball spin.
    We have plenty pre-printed spin dot balls in stock so you don't have to mark the balls yourself.
    Development of a second version - Quantum 2 - will start in the Fall that will be able to measure ball spin without markings on the ball.

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    He might have hit the wine early today.....I don't like the name. Feels like I should say drive.....directly after it. That's like calling a couch and chair store......The Sofa King.


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      Stereo X was much better


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        Well that version of the name didn't last long (about 7 hours?)...
        June 19 5:00 pm
        How about the name VisTrak StereoX - Quantum ?
        I've lived with the names StereoX and Quantum for a while now and still can't decide which is best.
        The name "Quantum" is certainty a powerful name - conjuring up thoughts of Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing and Quantum leaps in advanced technology for sure.
        So until I - or others - can decide which is best, I'll just name this new product "The VisTrak StereoX-Quantum".
        A mouthful I know, but boy does it pack a punch.


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          Maybe he should spend a little more time on developing his product and a little less on names. I suggest “Beta Infinity X”................😳


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            I like Stereo X..... less chance of me making a spelling mistake.


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              keither, tell Martin to stick with one name and focus. Too many changes will confuse folks, even those that are following things and experienced. I liked Stereo X.


              • keither5150
                keither5150 commented
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                I also like Stereo X.

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              And now the "Quantum Basic". An uncased (and therefore cheaper) version of the Quantum, made possible because Martin has made a fundamental change in the way the system works. For launch angle he is no longer using stereoscopic techniques, instead measuring ball size. So cameras don't need to be a fixed distance apart. Confirmation, if we needed it, that the Quantum is at a very early stage of development.