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  • GSA support

    I realize Martin is overwhelmed with support inquiries. Does anyone know if there is any other alternative support available for GSA systems? Paid is an option. I believe much could be solved with either a phone conversation or Facetime. Onsite would be best but I realize the challenge of this during the pandemic. I would be interested to know if there is anyone in my geographical area. I am about 1 1/2 hours north of New York City. I would also be interested in sharing experiences with other users to compare notes. If you're interested contact me in PM with your contact information.

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    Martin is extremely overloaded! He really needs more help. Just doing all the support is a full time job! I thought about emailing him suggesting that and even offering myself for some type of help, not sure exactly what that would be. But there's gotta be a reason he doesn't have this help already. He might have a hard time trusting other people to do the job right. I know many brilliant engineers who are like this, and at times, I can be like that as well, but obviously takes way too much time to do all the work yourself.

    I have a bunch of various issues with my system as well. With keither's help, I am converting my IRVC system to a Stereo, so we'll see how that goes.

    I'm sure other GSA owners have a bunch of various issues with their systems as well, and the whole point of this forum is for us to share our experiences and help each other. So I think it would be great if a bunch of us shared our GSA issues here and maybe we can help each other out. I've only had my system for about 2 months, so my overall knowledge of the system is quite limited.

    I'll collect the list of issues I currentcurrentlynd post it.


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      Agree we should start a page where we can exchange set up issues. The system includes many adjustments and tradeoffs so exchanging experience here would be helpful to all. While the web pages have a treasure load of information it can be dauting to get the overall flow. I am still thinking of creating a cheat sheet with the installation steps outlined and maybe augmented with tips from the forum. We could make it a sticky note as a reference for new comers (and ourselves )


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        Keither has been a great resource for all of us and I appreciate his input. I just want to be able to show someone what is going on in real time. I believe one of the problems/issues with the system is that there are many variables at play and when one changes it changes others. A ripple effect. Some are CP related, others may be physical environment (background surfaces and lighting conditions) and personal equipment (clubs, balls and tees). I have been trying to get consistent results for 3 years now. I can get close then somehow I revert backwards. At present I can not get the system to recognize a shot. This started when I tried to add lighting for better club face recognition. I have even tried eliminating the additional lights, reverted to earlier CP versions and putting the settings back to where they were when it was reading shots.


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          Lewis837 One of the problems with the website Is that the information is not necessarily up to date. I'm not blaming Martin but things change very quickly at GSA and sometimes the related instructions become out dated or obsolete. Example, while trouble shooting my problem, mentioned above there is a fix that mentions adjusting the Ball gray scale but that adjustment is no longer on the CP. I am assuming it has been replaced with the min/max ball size and scaling adjustments but the instructions say otherwise and are difficult to follow.


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            I was in the middle of writing a post on this exact subject. Sending you guys a DM...... I will post what Rick and I have come up with so far......


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              Rick and I are close to being open for business. A few more days of testing ....should do it. People purchasing from us will receive free support. Those who chose to purchase from Martin, can receive support from Martin or pay us separately for support. Current customers that purchased before today.....can purchase support from us for a nominal one time fee. I am currently producing how to videos that will be available shortly. I used to get paid from GSA for doing support. When the payments stopped coming, I had no choice but to discontinue support. I will continue to work on product development with Martin. More information will be coming soon.


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                Here is some game play video. This shows how well the new Vistrak stereo system handles really tough shots. More videos to come over the next few days.


                • COgolfengineer
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                  Thanks for the video Keith! Pretty good 1 handed chipping! And Stereo performance looks good!

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                  keither5150 Greens are tough, and the whole course is tough when the wind is howling down there. I remember hitting a three wood off the par 3 12th hole and still coming up short. A hidden gem nearby in Picture Butte ;-)

                • Lewis837
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                  My favorite quote from the video - "that's a little bit better" - when he hits it and the ball ends up 6" from the

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                I think we can all agree that the GSA website is a mess with a lot of out-of-date information. There is a lot of good info on there and ideas of things to try, but as the CP matures over time, some "fixes" on the site can't be done on the newer versions of the CP as StillCrazy mentioned. And there's no actual manual or user guide for the CP except for the website which makes it difficult to understand what every setting actually does and how to use it. Some of the settings give clues when you hover over a button, but not all the buttons do that. More organized documentation would go a long way in resolving a lot of our GSA issues.

                However, I am beginning to understand why a lot of the camera systems sell the whole package from turf to hitting mats to enclosures etc because the simulator environment is a HUGE variable in getting these types of systems to work well and reliably. When the environment isn't controlled, it's no wonder that these camera systems are constantly changing.

                Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Keith has been a big help and I'm sure we all appreciate his help, thank you. But with him and Rick starting to sell GSA systems, they obviously need to be compensated for their time and expertise.

                I agree with Lewis that we should make a sticky thread where we can exchange setups and any issues. I will compile my current list of issues. For anyone who would like to do some debugging with a 2nd set of eyes, I'm more than willing to do a video call or whatever to discuss our setups and try to figure some stuff out. Big warning for myself though, I'm probably the newest GSA owner on here as I've only had my system for a couple months, so I very well could be more confused about the system than everyone else! But, if interested, feel free to message me. As my name suggests, yes I'm in CO, so mountain time zone.