TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @MN Gopher winning the TGC 2017 Summer Tour - BMW Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2017 Summer Tour - TGC Tour Championship with 3 rounds at Oakmont Country Club (ProTee-Green) :
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  • TGC for GSA

    Speaking of Martin...looks like the Lxpro launch monitors actually exist now. And they work with TGC. So Skytrak isn't the only game in town these days. He claims to be selling lots but most of Martin's customers might be in his head (i don't know). We need a brave soul to try one and give us a report.

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    Actually forum user Wigalo is using TGC with Martin's system. Maybe he is willing to share his experience.


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      I have been in contact with Martin as I really like the look of the CTS color system - the new offering of CX4 looks like a holy grail of data - all data is measured not calculated. For a fixed position enclosure, no need for club selection, no risk of damage, compatible with E6 and TGC for a (relative to other options) good price with little or no delay, I think there are a lot of positives and this may be just as good, or better than the really high end options.
      I wish there were more good reviews and more positive feedback.
      I have seen many negative comments on here - is there a question with the accuracy of how the data is interpreted (algorithms)or is it simply poor personal experience/after-sales service?


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        Is special 'flash' lighting required for the LXpro? It appears it is... in which case SkyTrak is the better choice for me. I'm not interested in having special lights pointing down, or around my ball when hitting. Even typical spot-lighting drives me nuts as it does not at all feel like I am in an outdoor environment and it changes my hitting.


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          I haven't been on the forum in a while. Im out now but will post my thoughts when I get home.