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Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Carreerbuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)[saturday] :
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PX5 short review

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  • PX5 short review

    The PX5 is a PX 2 sensor mat with two rows with total of 96 sensors that is added to a 2 camera CX2 system. I am still getting use to everything that the PX5 has to offer. Chipping is more difficult as when you open your club face it sometimes messes things up. Since getting it set up, it is evident that my shot shaping needs some practice. I still find big draws difficult to do. I have attached a short video of a few drives on my last practice round. I was trying to put some big movement on a few of the shots..... with minimal success. I didn't have the webcam set up so the replay software will have to do for this video. In the future I may do a more thorough review. For the most part, I hit a ball with very little left to right movement on it. Most of my shots are pretty straight. Adding the PX2 mat to my CX2 system will allow me to work on shot shaping. By Christmas, I am hoping to have a big power fade with the driver working well.

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    nice set up glad your happy with it Keither nice shaping your shots


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      Yeah,,,, I showed the good and the bad. Maybe by spring, they will mostly be good..... Last winter I worked on hitting straight. This winter will be shot shaping.