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PX5 review after 90 days.

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  • PX5 review after 90 days.

    For those of you that don't know. GSA's PX 5 system is a sensor mat with a Hcam and Vcam. The sensor mat measures club speed, face angle, and club path. The cameras measure ball speed, launch angle and ball direction, AOA is calculated and not measured. AOA must be calculated quite well because there is a real difference between a chip and a pitch shot. Ball spin and spin axis are calculated. Just before Xmas I received my PX mat back from GSA. There was a small manufacturing error that required me to send the mat back. Since Xmas, small left handed issues crept up here and there. I believe all issues have been taken care of. After some basic instruction via YouTube, I proceeded to work on shot shaping. At first I had little success. One shot in 4 behaved like I wanted. Now after about 3 weeks of working on shot shaping, I can say that 3/4 of my shots behave like I intended them to. Sometimes a little too much or not enough, but rarely do I try to draw and end up with a fade. I now pay as much attention to club path as I do to face angle. GSA claims that club path accuracy is measured within +/- 0.65 degrees. Fades and draws can be produced easily once the mechanics of shot shaping is understood. Ball spin is calculated very well. I recently took my 7 iron to golftown to try out my newly developed skill on a GC2. I found that the ball flight was nearly identical to what I see at home. While hitting straight.... if I hit down a little more on the ball produces a slight fade with the GC2 and my PX5. Fading my 7 iron was quite easy now on the GC2. I would estimate that my PX5 system produced 10-15% more spin than the GC2. The mat may be the difference. No matter, I have since reduced my spin calculations on my PX 5 to 85% to more closely match what I saw at Golftown. Even at those settings, I can still hit draws and fades easily. I will not be able to verify ball flight outdoors until April or May.

    Those with a PX5 mat, I would suggest that you use Hcam putting rather than putting over the sensors....Although not stated on the GSA website, this works identical to the Hcam putting on the CX2. Only you have to raise the rolling ball height on the Vcam a bit higher than the height of the ball. The putt will still launch without the image from the Vcam. The advantage of doing this is, you can set up a totally flat putting surface a few inches towards the impact screen. Having a flat surface with no change in material gives a more realistic feel to putting. Hcam putting is super accurate as it rounds down to 1/10 of one degree for direction.

    Chipping as short as 3 yards can be achieved with the PX5 system.

    Setting up the PX5 is a breeze, plug it in to a USB port and make sure that the control panel knows which port it is on. That's about it. Setting up the cameras are a little more work. Follow the instructions on the website and you shouldn't have any issues.

    The PX systems come in 5 different varieties ranging in price from $600 to $3500

    I took some good advice from a local golf pro plus a few YouTube videos and made some recent improvements in my game. Having the PX mat increased the accuracy of my system taking it from a system that closely resembled my real life game to a system that I can fine tune my game. I can now work on shot shaping with confidence that what I am seeing is accurate.

    To say that I am happy with the addition of the PX2 mat to my CX2 system would be an incredible understatement.

    I will post a few videos later on this week.

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    Great review! It's always nice to hear positive comments about products regardless of the industry. Glad to hear you're happy with the new setup!


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      Here are a couple of short videos. Chipping, putting and fades and draws with the PX5


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        Fade and draws.


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          Short chips.

          So after 5 months with the PX5. I have dropped my handicap about another 3 strokes or so. Understanding the mechanics of shot shaping has made a big difference. Along with a lot of practice. While the PX5 is certainly not a plug and play system. After a few hours of mounting cameras and installing software, you will be ready to calibrate your system. Being that I am well versed with all of the adjustment options, I could calibrate a system quite quickly .... within 100 shots or so. You might ask why do they need calibration. It is needed because every camera is not mounted the same. One might be at a slightly different angle or distance from the center line. But once the unit is calibrating...... it does turn into a turn on and play system. 4 foot putts to 3 yard chips all register nicely. High lofted shots as high as 50 degrees can be picked up. Draws, fades, pushes and pulls all show up along with the occasional straight shot.