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Simulators for more than golf

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  • Simulators for more than golf

    I know this is a golf forum but wondering if anyone has setup their room to do more than golf? Either have two different systems or just one system that does multi sport. I know SwingTrack by Visual Sports and maybe a few others have more than just golf. I haven't seen one in person so I'm wondering how well they work. I'm interested most in baseball but kicking and passing a football could be fun too. Looking forward to hearing any and all experiences with these multi sport simulator systems.

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    There is a group of golf sim guys that have added a racing sim in their sim room. I think they play project cars and project cars 2. Looks pretty fun, I have been tempted more than once.


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      I also run HTC vive out of sim room and yea we have full set up for Project cars 2 and race multiplayer all the time. some guys run through projector, i run through the VR system to race


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        No experience with the multitrack but I reckon it'd become boring after a few weeks - and that's even if the baseball sensing accuracy was good. Bit like Kinect games - good fun but the games are quite shallow. Both TGC and JNPG have been multiyear projects and are not shallow, but even they require tournaments and a ton of DLC to sustain player interest.


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          I have a 5 year old and think he would love kicking penalty shots or hitting deep bombs off a tee. If it was realistic I'd like it too and I think that's why we are here playing sim golf. Not many people stay entertained with Optishot for years or even months but many upgrade to a more realistic experience. For me it's not the graphics as much as it can realistically capture what my ball is doing. To teach my kid how to hit off a tee into a screen where he gets real feedback would be priceless for me. I've only got one kid so don't have a group to go field for him. If it's not realistic I have no interest.

          I'll check out the sim racing game. What steering wheel, seating, etc do you use with the racing sim?


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            Yep, it's that level of what's good enough. We're all here for sim golf but really no one launch monitor is accurate enough for the game software not to give assistance. And then the game software itself - Every few games or so, even JNPG will leave me cringing occasionally as a chip to an elevated green impossibly stops dead, and that's despite everything else being satisfactory.

            It seems SwingTrack have one product for golf and another for the rest, so it looks like it could get expensive as setups start from $20k. There are also too many products out there who couldn't achieve the accuracies they thought they might be able to, but nonetheless still have to get their money back by selling them. When products claim they are the most accurate but don't back it up with figures, i run. (Unlike SkyTrak, Trackman, Flightscope and GC2, I can't find accuracy specs on SwingTrack.)

            Like Aeroburner, I also have a steering wheel setup, but instead of VR use my projection screen. Just and old Logitech G25 wheel but I bought one of those Next Level steering wheel frames which gives me a solid mounting that I can fold up and put away for sim golf in less than a minute. It quite nicely goes fits behind my screen on the far left side as balls never hit over there. I used to use the wheel with rFactor and it was good enough. A full pneumatic setup simulating g-forces would be the next step up but too hard to hide if I brought a girl home.

            My sim room also doubles as my main bedroom - the bed's mattress and base stand up against full length glass doors to block ambient light and protect them, and the minimum zoom on my projector brings the bottom of the image up nicely so I can watch movies in bed and even work as my mind generally awakes before my body.
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              Here is my driving SIM its a damn blast, I use it on XB1 for Forza, Assetto Corsa, and Dirt 4. Please ignore the clutter, I was building out my golf sim when this picture was taken

              Fanatec CSL wheel base
              P1 wheel rim
              V3 Inverted pedals
              V1.5 hand brake
              V1.5 shifter

              1st generation Play Seat for rig base
              T6061 aluminum was used to fabricate the adapter mounts for the fanatec stuff, tig welded.
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