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Cracking Titleists in Half

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    I've always thought it had to do with hitting the screen in addition to the number of hits. But I suppose when you think about it, people don't normally hit the same ball a couple of hundred times.

    A quote from Golf Digest in 2009 (dated, but to the point)...."Ball cores are commonly designed to withstand at least 100 strikes at 125 miles per hour before cracking. That's seven rounds of Tiger-like drives."


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      Well, after using my sim for 4 months, tonight I have cracked 4 Callaway Supersofts, all AAAAA used quality, just after playing 18 or 27 holes! They still looked new on the outside that is why I really got disappointed when they cracked! I was expecting to at least use one golf ball per week and play 3 or 5 x a week of 18 holes. I have been previously using a bag of assorted golf balls from Walmart that my wife intended to use. For the last 3 and a half months I have been doing just the driving range since I did not have the sim yet at that time.I cracked some of these assorted golf balls but that was after repeated use. Like say a week of repeatedly being beaten in range mode.

      I have some old Supersofts but never cracked this fast. I am wondering if because the AAAAA quality golf balls were maybe looking good on the outside but the covers were brittle due to being submerged in whatever chemical they were in before being sold? It could not be my swing speed because I only swing 95 mph tops. It could not be the impact screen because it's very loose when I use it. In my past experience I have cracked a Supersoft at a different sim place because their screen was like a card board. In real life I have never cracked one, they always get really old or beat up or lost.

      I have a box of AAAA Supersofts and I will try to use them next week and see what happens to them. These are different batch so this should be exciting to see. I guess I have to stay away from the bad batch of 5A's until I get some clear information on what's causing what.

      My buddies by the way were playing by the way last weekend and they were using one Titleist NXT and it was a used ball and they never cracked it even if they were sharing the damn ball. lol


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        Supersofts crack all the time. Any soft ball does, the maxfli softfli is the worst. I have a similar SS to yours and break new supersofts all the time until I switched. Normal golf balls don't get hit and come to a completely stop within 10', I truly believe this contributes to the cracking.

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        Thanks WBOND for the response. So far I have stuck with my used Supersofts and cracked a lot in the last few weeks. I will switch to a higher compression golf ball going forward when hitting indoors.