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How much has tech changed in the last 3 years?

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  • How much has tech changed in the last 3 years?

    Hey guys- wanted an opinion... Started playing golf about 2 years ago and am absolutely HOOKED. Took about 1.5 year's worth of lessons at the local Golf-Tec and got fit early on in the process and got the 2015 Callaway XR irons/hybrid/wood/driver. Most were on sale as they were purchased in 2016 technically. Anyhow - now that I'm showing a lot more consistency in ball strikes I'm curious if there's any reason to jump to a newer iron/driver this season. I've been eyeing the Rogues and hit them really well - I find a slight increase in yardage but more importantly less dispersion in my misses (which for me is about 1 in every 4-5 shots still). Anyone have any feedback on the Rogue irons and driver? Is there enough of a jump in tech to warrant replacing my stuff or am I just getting the "itch"? Callaway is offering 150% on trades towards Rogue through end of April and part of me wants to make the leap.

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    I don't think it's changed dramatically . The driver will probably give you a few extra yards and a little bit better results on mishits. I had an Xr myself, I sold it and bought the Big Bertha which I believe was the next model they released. I gained a few yards, kept the same shaft I had on the XR and it worked well.

    I'd wait a year or so and then upgrade if you feel the need. If you're hitting the ball well with what you have, I'd stick with it for now. My next driver will be an Epic next season, I can't afford to buy the new models so I wait a couple season and grab one cheap on ebay.

    I still use the XR fairway woods 3-5-7 and they're great clubs.


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      The differences tend to be incremental year over year. For most of us, our swing is the limiting factor and new clubs that add an extra 1-2 yards for a mid-high handicap is not going to make a difference.

      For me, I prefer to spend my limited golf budget playing golf rather than buying equipment. Your budget may be different so it may be worth it for you.

      Here is a video comparing how much improvement is made year over year with drivers.