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Congrats to @kchogan (NET) and @Wizard of Coz (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier!

Join this weeks TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - Sanderson Farms Championship with 2 rounds at Pine Valley ProTee Blue Tees by Craig118 :
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Shot Scope V2

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  • Shot Scope V2

    Anyone else using the shot scope? I purchased one this spring when it was on sale and just got around to using it the last couple rounds. It actually works quite well assuming you don't mind wearing a watch while playing and pressing the button for the flag location at the end of the hole. Biggest issue though, is the battery life, definitely wouldn't last two rounds on a single charge and it's painfully slow in charging so you couldn't even get it to charge enough between rounds. It shows the location on a map of every shot you took and provides stats at the end. If they could get the watch size smaller and fix the battery, it would be really good. Although the watch is quite large, it's actually very light and I didn't find it bothersome, but i've always worn a watch while playing so probably less noticeable than it may be for others.

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    I had it, but eventually returned it b/c of the battery life. It only lasted 1.5 rounds. I went to arccos + apple watch. The only downside with the arccos is that you need to have the phone in your front pocket for the mic to help detect the shot. Deal breaker for some people, but I don't mind. I do miss the shot scope's ability to click a button while standing next to the flag to mark the pin location. You can do it on arccos, but you have to pull your phone out so practically I never do.


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      I second the props fro Arccos. The software has gotten more and more accurate every season since it launched a few years ago - it's a pretty good platform. They are working on a belt clip device you can wear in place of having the phone in your front pocket. This accessory was delayed this season, but I suspect we'll have it way before next spring.


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        I had one and returned inside the 28 day window. It sucked for battery life and I choke down a bunch on my irons and it was missing shots for some reason.

        I have the Garmin S20 and it works great. Also have the arrcos built into my cobra clubs but i don't even bother to use it because you need your phone in your front pocket and I have a note 8. Waiting on the Arrcos attachment so you don't need the phone.


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          Phone in front pocket would be a no go for me. I usually grip it the very end of the club so maybe that's why I don't see this issue. I only have a couple rounds so far, so not enough use to really judge it.