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DIY Superspeed Training sticks for under $50

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  • DIY Superspeed Training sticks for under $50

    I’ve been thinking about trying these for a while but the price seemed a little much for a shaft with a weight at the end. So I came across another thread about making your own and figured I’d give it a shot. I ended up making these for under $50. Shafts (Adams/Grafalloy wood shaft sku 710430) were from diamond tour golf and it was $25 for three shafts including shipping. I had some leftover grips that I got on clearance, I think they were under $1.50per grip. The weights and screws were $18. I had to buy a 100 pack of the washers, if you can find it in the 50 it would lower the price even more. No need to cut shafts since they were the correct length already. The fender washers shown fit nicely over the shaft with not much play. I epoxied the washers onto the shaft and together and then epoxied the screw and smaller washer to the end to hold it all in place. Then I added a little bit of lead tape at the end to get it to the exact weights of the superspeed set. I then taped over the weights with the color to match, except for the green, had to use white instead. Not bad for a quarter of the price, we’ll see if I actually see any results in hitting it further. I know what my max ballspeed is so if it goes up, that’s all that matters.

    Light Club 45" 255 grams (screw, 2x 1/8 washer and 10x 5/16 washer)
    Medium Club 45" 290 grams (screw, 2x 1/8 washer and 13x 5/15 washer)
    Heavy Club 45" 335 grams (screw, 2x 1/8 washer and 17x 5/16 washer)

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ID:	306537 Made these last year. Just used 1.5 inch Aluminum rod and bored the appropriate size hole to fit the shaft. Same weight spec as above, just need to adjust the head weight to account for any difference in shaft weight and grip weight. Use standard club head epoxy. The real trick is getting a reasonable shaft price.