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Golf swing analysis apps - any good ones out there?

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  • Golf swing analysis apps - any good ones out there?

    Hi all,

    I've been working on my swing recently, trying to refine and improve as I still have some bad habits which make my game inconsistent. I've tried a bunch of swing analysis apps but I was disappointed because they are either just a glorified video recording app, or they get you to send your videos off to a golf pro for analysis (for a pretty sizeable fee). Does anyone else have this problem? I find the hardware type swing analyzers (ie. Arcos, Zepp, et al.) don't really help with this that much, and other products like Flightscope are really too expensive.

    I'm a techie so have been hacking together my own app which can record my swing and automatically perform swing analysis on the spot (using image analysis/computer vision). I'm building it so it looks at posture throughout the swing, club positioning, grip, swing curvature, tempo, and club face on impact. The plan is to clip my phone onto my golf bag and position it so I can record from behind or side-on.

    I'm testing this on myself and a few golf buddies right now - but wondering if anyone else would be interested in using an app like this? Would love to hear if anyone else has this issue or if there is actually an app out there that already does something similar?

    *It would be great to get some additional testers too. If interested let me know - I've created a cheap landing page to easily get some sign ups for testing:


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    I am looking for something similar myself. I have thought about buying 2 USB cameras and using Kinovea, but my mind is about to explode trying to figure out which cameras to use.
    I downloaded an app called Swing Profile which is nice because it auto detects your swing and provides some editing.
    It would be nice if there was a golf app that had the auto swing detect, but allowed you to use your iPhone to do Front view and your iPad to do Down the line or vice versa. It should be able to be done because there are apps out there like 4xCamera Maker that allow you do record multiple IOS devices at once.
    I wrote Swing Profile with my suggestion, but they said that they tried to develop dual camera support in the past, but they didn’t have enough users to support the development.
    I wrote back that there are a ton of users on this forum spending a lot of money to record their golf swing and would probably be glad to use the high tech cameras in their IOS devices that they already may own.


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      Last winter I used swing profile as well. I can to the same conclusion and reached out to the developer and got the same answer. I tried using two phones for a while but it was too much of a pain to try to match the videos to each other before sending them to the swing coach. Pairing the devices together in the app would be a game changer for sure.


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        Agree, that being able to use two iPhones would be a game changer. I would be more than happy to pay for a software or app. I looked into Kinovea as well and OBS software but don’t have the time to figure it all out since not a computer guru. I use Mirror Vision app for live streaming while working on a specific move. Two iPhones and two iPads. Have a newer iPad and older iPad that is a little slow. It’s a great app and they are improving it often. I reached out to them about their annotation feature that I could not figure out how to use and they responded quickly. They just released an update to solve my exact issue to make it is more user friendly since other users had same issue. During my email exchange, they mentioned about a future update to allow two iPhone devices to connect to one iPad with a split screen option. This sounds great and hoping they will allow a sync recording feature as well. This might be the game changer we are all looking for.