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Struggling with driver info

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  • Struggling with driver info

    for ages I have been struggling with my driver, distance is fine but I'm all over the shop with it. Because off this I have been using my ping G5 3 wood from the tee, I'm reasonable long with it so the accuracy out ways the distance lose.
    Today I got a callaway xhot 2 pro 2 deep to hopefully replace my driver.
    I have just carried out testing v my ping 3 wood on my flightscope and these are the important numbers

    New club callaway xhot 2 pro 2 deep v old club ping 3 wood. Testing from the tee ( which is what want it for)

    Warmed up, 5 shots with each average test all in yards

    Old ping G5 3 wood
    Carry 237
    Total 243
    Spin 3782
    Deviation (lateral) 13.75

    New callaway x2hot pro 2 deep
    Carry 250
    Total 262
    Spin 3160
    Deviation (lateral) 11.4

    Also with old club I had one drive 10 yards longer than all others which which added 2 yard to average.

    The new club all drives where within 6 yards of each other.

    All I can say is wow, if it preforms like this on the course then it's the best £100 I have ever spent on golf equipment

    Also I had a demo with this years £230 Bertha mini 1.5. And it didn't preform any where near as well.

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    Just played a round with it, I would recommend it to anyone even those who don't struggle with a driver. I found it as accurate and as easy to use as my 3 wood and its long / very long. I would say it's longer than my 10.5 ping i20 stiff driver. The ball flight for me (105 mph swing) is perfect, it so penetrating.

    Guys I seriously would recommend this club, at any price, it's fantastic. However because it's last years model you can pick it up really cheap.