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Practicing on an actual golf course

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  • Practicing on an actual golf course

    I feel like it would help my game if I was able to practice specific shots multiple times while playing a round on an actual golf course. Is this allowed at certain courses? I don't want to be that guy that is holding up the group behind me. Other than during team practices, how do collegiate golfers get practice in on public courses?

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    My brother and I were doing just that last Saturday after they rounded up the carts and all the staff went home. The marshall said we could play until midnight if we wanted to lol. This was a municipal course, pretty nice one too. I'd say ask the marshal, not the people working the desk. I would just be mindful of the divots, especially around the greens.


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      Just remember that real greens are not practice greens and the damage you could do hitting multiple shots onto a green.


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        Different courses have different policies so it never hurts to check but most (IME) dont' have a problem as long as you are not slowing anyone down. Also, move around some so you dont' create multiple divot's in the same place.


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          Hitting multiple shot to the green can seriously damage greens.
          i asked the super, and he said don’t even.....


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            As a former college coach, i can tell you that my players never practiced on a golf course unless it was a practice round for a tournament.


            • AlwayzLearnin
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              That's interesting and i'm curious as to why? Was it due to potential course damage, or getting in the way, etc?

            • mthunt
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              Practice facilities are for practice. The golf course is for golfing. That’s about it. Out alone when no one is around is another deal.

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            If I'm out by myself and noone is on the course I'll hit a couple extra shots into a hole for practice. If i'm far enough out to leave a mark on a green I never hit more than a couple extra. No more harm then a foursome. And I always fix my marks !!


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              mthunt What kind of practice facilities did you guys have? I can get decent practice at the local driving range but they don't have greens of any sort and thus I can't work on perfecting the roll out or backspin of shots. Nor can I practice hitting from the rough, bunker, etc.


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                Great facilities. It’s pretty rude to practice when playing with someone or holding someone up but if no one is around why not?