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in to out plane, now out to in, help!

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  • in to out plane, now out to in, help!

    So I am a single digit player and have always had a fade. Started working on the game a lot and it was very manageable. At times it would become a big cut but not slice. On the range? I can pull draw and it works fine. But that’s the range...and I took lessons over the winter and my plane became very in to out...pretty much too much and that started manipulating the face closed too much.

    With the COVID and practicing with my new GC2/HMT it has been showing up to 9 degrees out to in and my yardages are a lot less than I am used too. PLUS I played golf today for the first time in a while and had some serious slices..another confirmation of what is happening.

    I have an Eyeline hitting board Speed Trap somewhere with soft Velcro plane markers that might help me “feel” it. Thought I would start there

    Any recommendations? Thank you

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    Can you post a video of your swing? There are lots of possible causes for an out to in path. The good thing is with an HMT you can try a swing thought and immediately know if it helps or not. If not, move on to something else.


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      For what it's worth, when that happens to my swing it's usually that I'm pivoting into the ball as opposed to turning my hips into the shot. You pivot but leave your hips behind and either the club head is out in front and open, resulting in a weak slice or you pivot/spin through the shot with the clubface closed and yank it a long ways but waaaay left. I've been fighting the same battle myself, know I'm doing it but fixing is a chore sometimes.

      That spinning like a maniac is hard on the body too.

      My $.02.


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        Thank you for the tips. I will work on getting a video but no ranges are open so I will figure out something with the wife helping!


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          I'm working on the same thing with a "Chiliwacker," but in the opposite direction. Goofy name but it's great, especially with GC2/HMT. Set it up, swing through the foam arms, then adjust it until you find your desired plane with HMT. I found that what I felt was neutral was way different than reality. Moved from 8-9 degrees in-to-out to around 2-3 degrees.


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            That's the joy and despair of golfing. A lot of times what you "think" you're doing isn't really what you're doing...