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Congrats to @Joe_S (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am !

Join this weeks TGC1 2021 WINTERTOUR - The Genesis Open playing 2 rounds at Oakmont Country Club (ProTee Green) - 6836y:
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Cant take it to the course

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  • Cant take it to the course

    Apols if this has already been covered - possibly many times - but I didn't have any luck searching. I've only been playing a couple of years and am a very high handicapper, but love the game to bits and would play every day if I could. I managed to get a studio built in our loft conversion and it has been a godsend during lockdown. I've practiced everyday and really felt I was improving. One of my big problems had always been that my practice swing looked top notch, but when hitting the ball I just couldn't replicate it - not even close - and always end up leaning back. After putting in a lot of time in the studio I managed to overcome this issue and can now pretty much repeat my practice swing, turning and transferring my weight quite nicely. But when I got back out on the course (and same thing happened after previous lockdown) - I was back to square one ie leaning back - even from a perfect lie in the middle of the fairway. I just can't convince my brain to swing as I have been doing for months indoors. Can anyone explain this and suggest how to fix it?

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    No expertise claimed! Charles Barkley can probably explain why its hard to fix. I have similar challenges and I've concluded for me it is between the ears. In the sim even playing TGC 2019 against "a rival!", I am very confident and swing free. Outside keeping score for official handicap where I have personal goals, I tend to think/remember bad shots and lack confidence/commitment in swing. The external factors more easily distract my routine, which is more of an issue within 100 yards.

    I tend to use extreme's in my swing when trying to make changes. Admittedly the changes feel huge and results are minor. In your case, seems you are trying to get on your left foot, right toe assuming right handed. Can you hold that position until the ball lands? You will look like a pose'r, but validates balance. Maybe try to get right foot in air finishing swing on only left leg. Make it your only swing thought.


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      Thanks - it's definitely between the ears, as you say. A common explanation is that there are no consequences when practicing, but when playing a round for real you become focused on the result rather than the process. However even playing a few 'meaningless' holes for fun with hubby I still struggle. As soon as I start the backswing I can tell that I'm already swinging differently to my practice swing - it's just plain weird. I think I need hypnosis lol