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I will drive to your house and give you golf lessons

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  • I will drive to your house and give you golf lessons

    Lessons are expensive, yo. Plus, you havr to go TO the lesson. Who has the moneys and times for that?

    My name is Pete* and I will come to your house and give you a golf lesson. I will drive over to look at your drives. I will postpone my ironing to look at your irons. I will watch you stroke your balls on the way to the hole. Putting too.

    I just want a sandwich to nibble on as I turn your swing from pisspoor to pitch perfect. Since I do not manage moneys well I wish only to be compensated in nourishment. As long as I am enjoying those nibbles the lesson goes on.

    Just ask for Pete* and watch all your dreams come true.

    *Not my real name