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Wedge speed reading high

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  • Wedge speed reading high

    Driver, woods and irons all read the speed realistically, but the wedges read the speed very high. I often will get 90, 100, and higher club speed and the ball goes correspondingly far, which in no way reflects my real life situation. Has anyone else seen this? FYI, interface verson is 3.15z

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    More testing - have determined that when the wedge strikes the hitting mat the club speed (and ball distance) are faster/farther. If I strike the ball cleanly, then I get the proper club speed/ball distance. Seems weird to me - not sure if the increase sound is in play or it is something else. I have put in a support ticket to Protee.


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      I have had the exact same situation as well. It occurs as well when hitting the mat. I will be interested in finding out if Protee can fix the issue.


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        Fixed. I have an aftermarket hitting mat from I made two "adjustments" to the mat. The first was the mat is secured to a steel plate by way of two sided tape. In my case the tape was not holding the mat, allowing it to move. I took all the tape off and used contact cement to hold it on - sticks good now. The second was to open up the width of the slot for the forward row of sensors by a quarter inch (cutting away the aft portion).

        What seemed to be happening is when the mat was struck it was shifting forward and producing a shadow on the forward row of sensors before the ball crossed, producing an excessive speed calculation. Adjusting the position of the light forward could have helped as well, however my camera is mounted just ahead of the light..........

        The Protee response, which came this morning, was:

        A possible problem when using a wedge is the club passing the balltrack sensors (row sensors after the ball) before the ball does.
        Increase the chipping/pitching distance in the interface->settings->more

        Check in the advanced settings (use ALT-E in the interface) if the following are set to True:


        Just a shout out to Protee for responding to issues - appreciate their support!