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looking for a new or used protee

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  • looking for a new or used protee

    Hi everyone
    Just purchased a computer (amd fx8350 with r9 290 gpu) and optoma gt1080 projector (i know its not really relevant but im pumped sry). I am looking to get a protee base pack 2 plus horizontal cam. I emailed protee and havent heard back from them. who would u guys recommend I could contact that might work with me (i live in northest indiana)? Also do they run any specials around christmas? Lastly, if I purchase a used system without the computer will they transfer the license over to me without too much hassle?

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    I bought mine used, no problem getting license changed.


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      Originally posted by Craig118 View Post
      I bought mine used, no problem getting license changed.
      What was the process if u dont mind my, call,etc. Since they haven't emailed me back regarding that, im just curious.


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        Did you ever get a response back from ProTee?


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          No I did not. I just sent another email today asking for info about sales, etc. This time I sent it to the support@protee-United email as well as leaving a message from the live chat (which was offline). I know they have been selling on ebay and ran a deal around time of ryder cup so I was hoping to see if they'd work with me a bit or when the next sale usually is.


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            Pm me the email you sent them along with your email address. They might have a Xmas/holiday sale.