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Protee Build Underway

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  • Protee Build Underway

    Hey all, starting my protee build. New here but browsed the forum a lot before joining. Love the wealth of info and pictures so figured I'd share. Room I have is my garage 23.5' x 23.5' x 9'6". I will this updated as the build comes along.

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    Hi, good luck!

    could you talk a little abou why you selected a protee over other options? Thanks!


    • Grapestomper
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      Hey Bastiaan, I was going back and forth between Protee and Skytrack. I decided on the Protee in the end for the ability to have some leftys play with ease.

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    Welcome to the site and welcome to the sim world. I have a protee as well your gonna love it. looks like you will have enough room for a left and right hand set up which is great. mine is for right handers only since I don't have the width as you do. If you need any advise let me know we are all here to help.. good luck with your build..


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      One tip I would make as I made mine in my shop with the same height. If you use 2x3 lumber to make the hitting platform, you can place the boards on their sides and it is easy to keep the level the same as the protee sensor. (I have 7/16 usb and 5/8 inch turf on top). This saves a couple of inches of height and is perfect for placing insulation under the OSB.

      I started mine last year. See the link below.
      I am starting my build out for my sim. I have been reading and researching setups, equipment, computers etc. to prepare for this. I am taking a room and


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      This is what I got. I then cut off one foot and the center for the sensor. The cut off material is my putting area. So my stance area is 6x9 feet. I think that area is perfectly sized.
      CustomerID# 10207

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      PB72120 6' x 10' Pro Turf Golf Mat 1 $220.00 $220.00
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      Shipping Cost: $57.30
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        Thanks for the info. I'll be ordering that mat tomorrow morning.


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          Drywall is almost done then mud and paint. What I have so far is,

          ProTee Base pack with the horizontal camera
          Asus ROG G20 computer
          8'x10' impact screen

          I have been reading a lot on projectors and am still confused. The question I have is my room is long enough that I do not need a short throw projector but will my body be a shadow on the screen if I do not go with a short throw projector? Thanks for the help


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            You will need to do some math to figure out where your shadow will start. Use projector central to get the distance from the screen to the projector and then the height of the image. From there I drew out the image back to the projector and where i would be standing to determine whether or not i would cast a shadow. Eventually i upgraded and went to a short throw projector and had no worries. More than likely you will have some type of shadow either part of your body and your arms and club on the swing.


            • Grapestomper
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              Thanks Wbond, Sounds like the easy thing to do is just get a short throw and not worry about the shadow.

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            After a couple of weeks more like 2 months I'm 90% done, still have odds and ends I want to clean up. Still figuring out the H and V cameras and will hopefully be up playing shortly. Thanks for all the input and help.


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              holy crap deja vu looks good man i have seen that set up before if you need help on the cams let us know others have gone through the cam headaches and we got it down pretty good what is the issue on cams lets see if we can help out.