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Congrats to @MN Gopher winning the TGC 2017 Summer Tour - BMW Championship !

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Misread with waggle

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  • Misread with waggle

    I've got a new Protee and it's excellent. However, when I have guests over they're constantly getting misreads due to what I now believe to be a "waggle". I don't waggle myself so it's not an issue, but most guests I've had do have a slight pre swing waggle. Is there any fix to this? I've seen old comments on updating a swing timer setting but don't believe that exists on the latest interface. Thanks in advance for your insights.

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    In the interface go to max swing tempo and make sure its set to 99 to allow waggle.


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      I don't have that field in my interface. Where are you seeing it?


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        While in the interface hit ALT E to go to advanced settings, scroll down and you'll find it. Not sure if this will resolve but I had this issue a while back and that was the advice I was given. Let me know if its not 99, I have a friend that waggles as well and he had fits with my system.


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          Got it. Thanks for your help. Hopefully this fixes the issue!