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Spin going crazy on newer versions - 1.5.10 and is LIE currently not working again?

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  • Spin going crazy on newer versions - 1.5.10 and is LIE currently not working again?

    Anyone noticing crazy spin / ball flight on the newer versions of the software?

    I was on 1.5.10 for a few days and I had the most bad readings on spin in a long time. -45 spin rate shots even a few higher. I typically use Pro v1s and noticed it excessivily with them. The PIX balls were a bit better but also had a few here and there.

    We talking swings +/- a degree in or out and closed / open faced hitting off sweet spot of the driver. I believe it was happening more on 110mph and higher swings.

    I reverted back to 1.5.9 and seems to be a bit better. Happens way less frequently.

    I also noticed that lie is reporting back N/A on every hit. Has this been removed?


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    I was hitting balls last night and had some almost impossible slice results on a few less well struck balls, shot shapes that don't happen in real life. I'll have to look at the software version when I get home.


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      Yes! I sent a handful into support yesterday…side spin was clearly off based on the video. Had issues on all clubs from driver to wedge. I’m going to revert back to previous version until a new update comes out


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        Glad to see im not alone! For now im staying on 1.5.9 , has been good enough.


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          I hit balls for 30 minutes tonight and there is definitely something strange going on. Most of my shots have sidespin of anything from 0 to a few hundred, then occasionally I'll hit a (not bad) shot and get a number of 4,000+, 5,000+ and end up with a ball that has a crazy pattern that would be impossible to duplicate in real life. I hope they fix this.


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            Agreed - tried latest versions (10 and 11) and got some pretty funky spin axis reads with non pix balls even when the logo was visible.. reported them in app but found that pix and version 10 seemed ok. Out of interest, how can you rollback to a version prior to the previous one? the app only seemed to allow me to rollback one version but once i was on the penultimate version the only option was to move forward o the latest and not back.


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              I believe only one version. I havent updated from 1.5.9 again for this reason.