TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Marc Andre (NET AND GROSS) winning the TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - Hero World Challenge !

Join this weeks TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - Presidents Cup with 2 rounds at Royal Melbourne West (ProTee) :
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TGC for SkyTrak $200 discount !

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  • TGC for SkyTrak $200 discount !

    For a limited time, Save $200 on a lifetime - buy it and own it - TGC for SkyTrak license !

    Will expire soon .....

    Hope to see you on the tour soon!

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    I've just got my Skytrak set up and am trying to decide which simulator to go for. In your view is TGC the best of the bunch? I cant believe there is no option to try before dropping a large sum of cash on it, so I am looking for some feedback from you guys...thanks in advance


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      The main competitor used to be JNPG, but you can no longer buy it. You can only maintain a current subscription. There are demos for three of the five software packages here:

      There are not demos for WGT or TGC. I don't think anyone is going to claim WGT is superior. Maybe a few people might argue it is a better value, but even that is a stretch. There are a fair number of youtube videos that show guys playing TGC with a Skytrak. Those will give you an idea of the delay between hitting the ball and having it show up in the game. If you want to see the courses and graphics, buying the PC version on Steam would show that. Keep in mind that the PC version of TGC2019 is out now, and the sim version will be a free upgrade in the near future as soon as Protee is able to make their changes to the software. So you might want to get the Steam version of TGC2019 as a comparison.

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    E6 offers a demo and I have heard people mention TGC on Steam for cheap (just minus the sim portion). Limited options. Protee may also offer a demo. I’d research before concluding.


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      Thanks both. I did a bit of research and have decided that TGC offers the best value by far. Great graphics, lots of courses and the ability to create your own...and by comparison at a reasonable price. I should probably start a new thread for this question, but I'll have a punt here first - Can you play more than one player (on the same Skytrak on the TGC sim, or can you only play on your own or with other people on line?


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        Don't worry guys....I got over my laziness and did some more research.....up to 4 player local Multiplayer....What a great piece of software


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          Does TGC allow for a scramble mode of play like E6 does?


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            I don't believe it does. E6 has scramble play mode!


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              Hi All,

              Does anyone know whether i'd be able to use a copy of this purchased from the US website on a UK registered Skytrak? There is a pretty significant difference between the 2 prices..

              US Website - $795 / £611
              UK website - $928 / £715

              Having already forked out about an extra 15% on the skytrak and case (understandable with import etc) it would be nice not to have to pay extra for a downloaded product.

              Thanks in advance