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Same conditions - hugely different spins and smash factors

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  • Same conditions - hugely different spins and smash factors

    I love my Skytrak and the results are normally excellent and just what I get from Protracer, Trackman and other devices. BUT.............

    Two sessions with a gap wedge - same club same ball, same yardages, same carry, but back spins and smash factors are VERY different between the two sessions. In one session the spins are about 8000 but the smash factors are < 1 (???!!!!) in the other we have spins about 5000, smash factors about 1.2. Does anybody know what could be causing this?

    P_2017_10_01 at 13_22_Export_ShotsHistory_10012017_132222.pdf

    P_2017_08_09 at 16_18_Export_ShotsHistory_08092017_162427.pdf

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    Ignore smash factor. That being said, uhm the clubs and balls may be the same but the strikes are not. Look at your ball speed numbers. You were hitting pretty bad shots in the 8/09 log. I mean I would be happy if I were you , looks like some pretty big improvements in a couple of months.

    I'm not sure what your actual question is.

    You have two logs , months apart. The early one shows pretty bad strikes (weak pulls). The next shows marked improvement.


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      Do you hit into a net? Al the golf balls you use getting dirty? Nets can impart residue on a golf ball making it very slippery depending on the type of net. If swing speed, strike, AoA etc are the same, but one ball is clean and new and another has dirt or residue from a net on it, you will see a drop in spin. A dirty clubface will do that too. That drop in spin, would make the shot launch higher, carry further and it would also have higher ball speed since less club speed was converted into spin. It might only be a mph or 2 but could be your problem. Also, striking slightly higher on club face will lower spin significantly, sweeping ball instead of pinching the ball off the ground/mat, hitting slightly up on the ball will do it too.

      Your first set of data was higher launch angle and low spin, and second set was lower launch angle and higher spin. I think I now suspect you were just striking the ball better in this case. Hitting more down on it perhaps.