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USB connection and external monitor

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  • USB connection and external monitor

    I have a strange issue with USB connection to laptop when using skytrak.

    If I have an external monitor attached to my laptop, shots on the skytrak do not register.

    I can duplicate this issue on 3 different computers. One desktop and two laptops.
    Extending the desktop and displaying on the projection screen does not make a difference.
    One desktop and one laptop both have Nvidia cards.
    One laptop has an intel video card.
    Video Drivers are all up to date.
    Direct Wi-Fi works, but misses too many shots. When USB works it is nearly flawless.

    The strange thing is the first time connecting to a computer with an external display it works. After restarting the machine all lights are green but it does not register shots, remove the external display and it works.

    I have various external displays that I have tested with. The all exhibit the same issue.
    All computers are Windows 10.

    Any ideas?


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    Paul, I think I just sent you an email (following up from support). I actually came on here now to post this exact topic to see if anyone else had experienced it. We are unable to reproduce this on our Windows 10 computers in the office, but this makes at least 3 or 4 customers that have experienced the issue. So if anyone else has these symptoms (connect unit to Windows 10 PC via USB cable and unit stops responding when HDMI cable is plugged into PC), please post up your computer specs. We are working over logs now, and would love to get this sorted asap.