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The Golf Club - Shot Rewind Glitch?

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  • The Golf Club - Shot Rewind Glitch?

    Hey guys, we have a Skytrak running The Golf Club software. I've noticed whenever I have a group of more than 1 playing through 18, if someone tries to rewind a shot it glitches the game out. It sends the players to the previous hole and aims them at the green of the hole they were on. The only way out of this glitch to progress to the game is to have all of the members in the group all concede the hole once or twice, it varies, adding quite a few strokes to everyone's score.

    This problem does not occur if there's only one player.

    Has anyone else had this problem with The Golf Club? Any other known workarounds?

    Is there a way to skip to a hole in TGC?

    Is there a way to edit the score card to fix issues like this?

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    Yes/no/no and no.
    I have had this problem, I am always playing with my bud and if we rewind a shot its never once the hole is over so you need to be mindful if you have any give me putts on. I have 6ft and in on give me so if its in we do not rewind or you are pretty much screwed.


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      i play with a couple friends and is someone goes out of turn and you want to rewind , you must wait until it is that persons turn in if joe hits bob's shot by mistake dont hit rewind until bob is up again and it will return to his previous shot


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        You must make certain to not take a rewind until it's that persons turn again. That should fix the issue.


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          Thanks for the input guys! I'll make sure to give that a shot next time!