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  • Simulator Tee - UK

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a tee that can sit on top of the matt so that I don't have to move the ST for drivers. I've read previous posts about birtee and tomahawk/neo - they are exactly what I'm looking for however they appear not to be available in the UK and if they are on the usual sites they are a crazy price (some £70+!!).

    Does anyone in the UK have any other UK based suggestions to avoid lengthy imports from the far east please? I'm not keen on the really cheap winter green tees that are all over the likes of ebay.


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    I bought the birtee tee’s direct from birtee. I don’t think shipping was expensive and I live in the uk. Get in touch with them via there website and enquire about delivery.


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      I bought some tomahawk tees on amazon for about 8 quid. If your matt is not rock hard check out the Tee claw, you twist them into the matt and then just stick a normal tee in. They are the best thing I have tried so far but my matt is quite soft so they grip really well.

      and also the tomahawks for 8 quid


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        Got mine off eBay from Germany about £7 , not sure where you was quoted £70!, great tees for indoor mats.


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          Plus one for the tee claw. It’s what I use and love it


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            Cheers for the replies guys - Tomahawks ordered albeit from the far east so could take a few weeks to arrive.

            Do the tee claws do any damage to the astroturf, or can you constantly add/remove ? Ideally I don't want to be moving my SkyTrak for tee shots and fairway shots.


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              Teeclaw does not damage turf that I have seen, simple twist in and out. It's great so you don't have to move the skytrak.


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                Like wbond says I haven't noticed any damage from the Teeclaw. They are not permanent you will probably knock them out when you hit a drive. Only had them for a few weeks and I am wondering how I ever managed without them.
                If you ordered the Tomahawks from that link I posted chances are they will turn up within a week I got mine weeks before the given delivery date.


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                  Why do you move your Skytrak for drivers? and how does a tee resolve this? What am I missing?


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                    Originally posted by dg_1983 View Post
                    Why do you move your Skytrak for drivers? and how does a tee resolve this? What am I missing?
                    Think some people have the matts with the hole in for a range type tee so when not using a tee you have to move the Skytrak to avoid the hole. I am guessing but think it's something along those lines.


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                      I use Tee Claw with the Tomahawk Neo tees here in the UK. You rotate the Tee Claw into your mat (mine is a TrueStrike, but will work on anything) out of the strike zone, and out of the visual field of the SkyTrak. You then attach the elastic string to the Tomahawk Tee to stop it flying away when you hit. Works like a charm, no more chasing them around the sim room.

                      dg_1983, my mat would have this same issue if you were trying to use a pass-thru rubber tee for the driver. The gel section doesn't have rubber tees, only the stance panels. So, you'd have to move the SkyTrak back and forward depending on hitting a tee shot vs hitting off turn/putting. Not a great solution, hence the Tee Claw and Tomahawk tee above.