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New to ST...just got it hooked up with WGT..having some issues

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  • New to ST...just got it hooked up with WGT..having some issues

    Hello peeps. I just got done setting up my ST. Very happy with it so far. After doing the generic driving range, I decided to take a plunge and bought Play and Improve package just for a reason of using WGT on my iPad. This seemed as a simplest solution for me for now. After figuring out how to connect everything together and fighting through WGT app on my iPad having issues connecting to my ST, I finally got it all working. But I am having some problems during play.

    After every shot, WGT app is "Looking for a device"...then connects to my ST. This is very annoying. Of course, both iPad and ST are on the same Wi-Fi network (2.4g if that matters). If there anyway to fix that or is this normal behavior that I will just have to live with? My iPad is connected via cable to my projector. My ST is fully wireless.

    Also, putting sometimes doesn't register at all. It seems that I have to smack the ball kind of hard to make it register.

    What gives? Any tips?

    Other than that, i LOVE this thing! I am really looking forward to use it to map my bag and practice my swing mechanics. I can't wait to learn and dig deeper into the stats that it gives me!

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: So I noticed another potential issue with WGT. All my distanced are VERY short. For example, hitting 5 iron on WGT gives me only about 110 yards. When I get on the driving range, that is consistent around 180 for me, which is more in lines to what it should be. What gives?
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    I am following this in hopes you get some reply's. I am considering getting a ST and sounds like you are having some troubles. My biggest concern is that you are saying your distances are way off, although I think you are saying that problem only exists when you play the actual courses?


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      Hi maxxym, thanks for your post. I am also relatively new to ST and WGT (about 1 year in) and don't have a chance to use it as much as I would like since I have an outdoor setup (so restricted by the elements) but I have also thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I also occasionally have those "Looking for device", "Connecting to SkyTrak" issues. Additionally, I may experience really significant lags after strike before registering. During those times, I generally try restarting my iPad (this usually remedies the lag from strike to shot), resetting my ST, and then restarting my wi-fi router. It doesn't happen for me very often so it is not as big of an issue. In my case, I have my setup on my rooftop balcony and for some reason, I don't get great wi-fi signal strength up there so I am exploring ways to strengthen that signal. Not sure if that is a factor or not though.

      For putting, there have been a few occasions where it wouldn't register the putt although it did happen just the other day where no matter how hard I hit it, or if I switched to an iron and hit a full shot, it would not register the shot. I ended up just ending the round and restarting the whole thing and then it went back to normal.

      For distances, I find that it is generally fairly accurate. Sometimes it is a little shorter than I normally hit and sometimes it is longer. I think things like wind, spin, height, etc. probably have a fairly significant influence on this but I am not really sure. I also find that WGT doesn't seem to penalize you much for shots out of sand, rough, brush, etc. As a result, those 15 foot shots out of a green bunker tend to be very difficult to get close.

      I thoroughly enjoy it for what it is though and think it is well worth the investment as a start or if you are limited to an iPad option (i.e., you don't have a full indoor setup or are restricted to driving range use only).


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        I got a reply from one of the ST peeps directly to me. They suggested to exit out of ST app when I am using WGT. That actually helped a bit, but I am still getting some "Looking for device" messages. Granted, not as much as before. So I am kind of good there.

        As far as distances...what I found was that if I use my TM Yellow ball, the distances are little longer. Before, I was playing white Callaway. I do not know if that is the fix or not, but I am getting considerable longer reading with yellow ball.

        Dewey, please do not worry. ST is still awesome. In-fact, I would even be OK with just a driving range, which I always find myself going back to after playing 3-4 holes on WGT. The reason is that sometimes WGT does not feel "realistic". For example, hitting my 60 degree, I would have to be very very close to the screen in order for it not to hit the ceiling. Putting is tricky, so I don't even bother with it, just give me 2 strokes. But, for getting the ball data and improving your ball striking, ST is AWESOME.


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          Get tgc 19. Wgt is not worth the frustration