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New to ST...just got it hooked up with WGT..having some issues

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  • New to ST...just got it hooked up with WGT..having some issues

    Hello peeps. I just got done setting up my ST. Very happy with it so far. After doing the generic driving range, I decided to take a plunge and bought Play and Improve package just for a reason of using WGT on my iPad. This seemed as a simplest solution for me for now. After figuring out how to connect everything together and fighting through WGT app on my iPad having issues connecting to my ST, I finally got it all working. But I am having some problems during play.

    After every shot, WGT app is "Looking for a device"...then connects to my ST. This is very annoying. Of course, both iPad and ST are on the same Wi-Fi network (2.4g if that matters). If there anyway to fix that or is this normal behavior that I will just have to live with? My iPad is connected via cable to my projector. My ST is fully wireless.

    Also, putting sometimes doesn't register at all. It seems that I have to smack the ball kind of hard to make it register.

    What gives? Any tips?

    Other than that, i LOVE this thing! I am really looking forward to use it to map my bag and practice my swing mechanics. I can't wait to learn and dig deeper into the stats that it gives me!

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: So I noticed another potential issue with WGT. All my distanced are VERY short. For example, hitting 5 iron on WGT gives me only about 110 yards. When I get on the driving range, that is consistent around 180 for me, which is more in lines to what it should be. What gives?
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    I am following this in hopes you get some reply's. I am considering getting a ST and sounds like you are having some troubles. My biggest concern is that you are saying your distances are way off, although I think you are saying that problem only exists when you play the actual courses?


    • Jason Penner
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      He said distances within wgt are off. In the range numbers were correct. There is no issue with distances with skytrak is has been proven countless times.

    • Dewey
      Dewey commented
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      I agree with you there. When I am in the ST range, it feels very accurate. I even took mine to an outdoor range the other day and it was pretty spot on! When I play TGC, I question some things.

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    Hi maxxym, thanks for your post. I am also relatively new to ST and WGT (about 1 year in) and don't have a chance to use it as much as I would like since I have an outdoor setup (so restricted by the elements) but I have also thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I also occasionally have those "Looking for device", "Connecting to SkyTrak" issues. Additionally, I may experience really significant lags after strike before registering. During those times, I generally try restarting my iPad (this usually remedies the lag from strike to shot), resetting my ST, and then restarting my wi-fi router. It doesn't happen for me very often so it is not as big of an issue. In my case, I have my setup on my rooftop balcony and for some reason, I don't get great wi-fi signal strength up there so I am exploring ways to strengthen that signal. Not sure if that is a factor or not though.

    For putting, there have been a few occasions where it wouldn't register the putt although it did happen just the other day where no matter how hard I hit it, or if I switched to an iron and hit a full shot, it would not register the shot. I ended up just ending the round and restarting the whole thing and then it went back to normal.

    For distances, I find that it is generally fairly accurate. Sometimes it is a little shorter than I normally hit and sometimes it is longer. I think things like wind, spin, height, etc. probably have a fairly significant influence on this but I am not really sure. I also find that WGT doesn't seem to penalize you much for shots out of sand, rough, brush, etc. As a result, those 15 foot shots out of a green bunker tend to be very difficult to get close.

    I thoroughly enjoy it for what it is though and think it is well worth the investment as a start or if you are limited to an iPad option (i.e., you don't have a full indoor setup or are restricted to driving range use only).


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      I got a reply from one of the ST peeps directly to me. They suggested to exit out of ST app when I am using WGT. That actually helped a bit, but I am still getting some "Looking for device" messages. Granted, not as much as before. So I am kind of good there.

      As far as distances...what I found was that if I use my TM Yellow ball, the distances are little longer. Before, I was playing white Callaway. I do not know if that is the fix or not, but I am getting considerable longer reading with yellow ball.

      Dewey, please do not worry. ST is still awesome. In-fact, I would even be OK with just a driving range, which I always find myself going back to after playing 3-4 holes on WGT. The reason is that sometimes WGT does not feel "realistic". For example, hitting my 60 degree, I would have to be very very close to the screen in order for it not to hit the ceiling. Putting is tricky, so I don't even bother with it, just give me 2 strokes. But, for getting the ball data and improving your ball striking, ST is AWESOME.


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        Get tgc 19. Wgt is not worth the frustration


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          Agreed. I am also enjoying ST, I have head it about 8 months now. The bag mapping was very helpful...I actually just did a write up on it if interested!


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            I'm getting the same "looking for devices", then "connecting to ST" after it was just connected.

            It'll be connected in Network Mode, I have the dot...I hit, dot goes away...then I get the messages. Tried rebooting both, tried exiting ST and just use WGT. Then tried just the Range mode and it still happens. I've got really good internet coverage.

            What the heck is going on?


            • maxxym
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              It's your Network. Connect to ST via direct connection and the problem will go away. I am experiencing same thing via Network Mode. No idea why since I don't have any issues with other devices.